Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Radish Report/CSA DELIVERY

Well , a busy week, made a trip to Roosevelt and back.  Their gardens look amazing, my neighbor's outside tomatoes are bigger than the ones I have been carefully tending in my greenhouse and cold frames.  Their squash plants are up over a foot, mine that escaped the critters, are may-be 3 inches.  Glen just might get me to move up there permanentally to farm yet, and the best part about Roosevelt is, no wind.   I had a friend at church say she came out to visit me the other  day, and the wind  was blowing so hard it almost took her car door off when she opened it  .She didn't find me home, and wondered where I was at the day it blew so bad.  I assured I was there somewhere and  I laughed and said it's windy like that every day so I didn't know what day she would have come out to visit me.


I am not certain what the delivery will be this week, but you can plan on tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, spinach, mixed greens (beet greens, mustard, chard, several lettuce types,--remember to get a good selection get there early, otherwise I will just hold you back a bag of a mixed variety), carrots, cilantro, and radishes.  I will visit with Shelly and see what she has (veges and fruit) when I get to market.  I picked up some delicious cherries in Spanish Fork on our way home.  A family has a small orchard right along the road.  I will have those for the fruit share this week, if I don't eat them all before market.  They are YUMMY!

CSA Full Share          CSA half share

6 tomatoes                                                       3 tomatoes
2 cukes                                                             1 cuke
8 ears corn                                                        4 ears corn
2 large onions                                                  1 large onion
green onions                                                    radishes
radishes                                                               carrots
carrots                                                              mixed greens
mixed greens:
beet etc.

Fruit Share
1 lb. cherries

On our way home we drove over several of the mountain passes that are on fire.  It was an amazing sight.  Beautiful, yet sad.   The bright orange flames eating the helpless, deeply rooted,  trees. The fire clearing out the old, worn-out, dead, and stubborn,  making room for new growth.  Life is like that isn't it.  Sometimes it takes a good set-back to make us appreciate what we have and makes us get our priorities in the proper order.  With tears in my eyes-------from the smoke-------I did some shuffeling myself, and hopefully my priorities are now in the order they should be. I am one blessed farm-girl.  A family, a home, my faith, a husband who tells me I'm beautiful,( good thing he's at the age he can't see clearly), a beautiful vegetable farm, good friends, and delicious, home-grown food to eat.  I can deal with a few critters, after all they are hungry too............oh, and a nice strong breeze isn't so bad either.

My thought and prayers are with those who have lost their homes, belongings or loved ones in the raging fires.


You will be recieving cucumbers in your share box for the next few weeks.  They are the European cukes that are thin skinned and do not need to be peeled.  They are not waxed but are wrapped to help them keep. Our neighbor's supply the cukes and the tomatoes for our CSA.  The hot steam from their greenhouses allow them to grow almost year round.  I have included quite a few recipes.  Hope you enjoy your cukes.  Our families, favorite is the Cucumber, Rice and Orange salad.

The following ( 5 ) recipes call for the cucumbers to be thinly sliced and placed in a collander.  Sprinkle lightly with salt between layers.  Place collander on a plate to catch the juices.  This draws the moisture from the cucumbers so your salads won't be soggy.  After soaking several hours.  Drain the cukes and pat dry.  If you don't want them salty rince in cold water before drying.

2 cups sliced cucumbers
2 Tbsp. fresh dill weed
2/3 cups sour cream or yogurt
freshly ground pepper

Slice the cucumbers, salt and let rest several hours.  Drain and dry.  Mix all ingredents and serve immediately.

2 European cukes peeled and sliced (Personally I like the peelings)
1 Tbsp. salt
1 cup plain yogurt or 1/2c. heavy cream,( 1 Tbsp.lime juice added to thicken cream) or 1/2 c. cream fraiche (recipe below)
2 Tbsp. chopped mint or cilantro
freshly ground pepper
Slice, salt and rest the cukes for several hours. Mix in  yogurt or cream and herbs.
CREAM FRAICHE:  In 2 cups heavy cream add 1/2 c. buttermilk.  Stir and sset in a warm place for 24 hours.  This will keep for 2 weeks in the refridgerator.

Slice, salt, drain and dry cucumbers.
Place cucumbers in a large bowl.
Add 1 Tbsp. Sugar
2 tsp. honey
1/2c. vinegar
1/4c. vegetable oil
1/4c. minced dill weed, or fennel, parsley or chives
1 large sweet red onion thinly sliced. 
Mix together, chill, and let marinate for several hours before serving

Slice, salt, drain, and dry cucumbers
add 1/2c. vinegar
1 minced garlic clove
1/4c. crumbled feta cheese
1/4c. yogurt
1/4c. sour cream
1 tsp. Dijon-mustard

slice, salt, drain and dry cucumbers
butter crusty brown bread with lots of real butter add cucumbers.  Put on your fanciest hat and brew a pot of herb tea to go with this sandwich.  And of course eat it out on the Terrace.

grate 4 cups cucumbers
2 cups finely chopped tomatoes
3/4c. scallions
1/2c. green peppers
1/3 c. lime juice
1/4c. vegetable oil
2 tbs. chopped cilantro
1/4 tsp. salt
2-3 minced hot peppers
Chill and serve.

This recipe is our families' favorite:
21/4c. orange juice
1/2 tsp. salt
2c. uncooked brown rice---see note below---
2 cups diced cucumbers
1/2c. diced scallions
2 oranges peeled and diced
1/2c. roasted peanuts
1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
Combine 2 cups orange juice and 2 cups water in a sauce pan.  Bring to a boil and add rice.  Cook for 50 minutes.  Cool rice to room temp.  Add cucumbers, oranges and peanuts.
in a small bowl combine remaining 1/4 cup orange juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and oil.  Whisk to blend.  Pour over salad.  Toss to coat.  Chill.  Sprinkle with chopped cilantro just before serving and serve cold.
NOTE:  I blend a 4 oz. packet of wild rice with a  1 pound bag of brown rice.  I like the combination better than just plain brown rice.

CUCUMBER SOUPS----served cold---

I have tried several soups over the years.  Basically you dice the cucumbers (some like them peeled and de-seeded)  I just throw the whole cuke in.  Put in a food processor add enough yogurt to make a thin soup.  Drizzle in honey to sweeten, or use raw sugar.  Add a splash of lemon juice.  Serve chilled with an ice cube that has mint leaves frozen in it.

You can use buttermilk or sour cream in place of the yogurt, but I like the yogurt best.  If you want a little richer flavor use a good greek yogurt.

6 cups cucumbers- seeded and peeled
2 cups buttermilk
1 cup sour cream
1/2c. diced scallions
3 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. fresh cilantro, mint or dill
Process well.  Chill and serve with grated cucumber as a garnish.  Add a spoon full of
yogurt and swirl for a special effect or even add grated carrot as a garnish.

4 cups finely chopped or grated, peeled cucumbers
2 cups yogurt
1-2 cups water
2 minced garlic cloves
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. salt
Process in food blender.  Serve cold with ice cubes.

Save the juice from a store bought jar of pickles.  Quarter the cucumbers  into lengths that will fit in the jar.  Add baby carrots and green beans if desired. All veges must be covered with the juice. Store in the refridgerator for a couple of weeks.  These are crunchy, crisp vege pickles.  My kids go crazy over these.

Or just slice the unpeeled cuke, sprinkle with a good sea salt and eat!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seeing RED

It seems as if I have spent the last few weeks obsessed by color.  As artists we tend to see the world in shades and hues, values and depth, the cool and warmth of every color.

                                                     But right now I am seeing RED. 

I have never really liked the color red.  I don't know why I guess it is to bold and draws to much attention to itself.  It signifies courage, but I think you can be courageous without being boastful about it.  Do I own anything red..........hum, I think I have one red and white checked shirt, but other than that no.  Red is a power color, red is an angry color, red is a color screaming for attention, red is a beautiful, self confident color.  Red is the color of war.  I just personally don't care for it especially when I feel it creeping into my face as I survey the damage the chipmunks have caused.    At last count over 400 squash plants eaten.   100 or more cucumber plants gone.  Over 200 tomato plants munched to the ground.   I want to see GREEN when I survey my land,  not the muted BROWN tones of dust and despair.  Today I am a character from a Steinbeck Novel standing with strength, but having enough wisdom to hold up the WHITE flag of surrender.  But wait,........  how many farmers' loose their crop and just say," It will be better next year.  If I do this , that, and the other, maybe things will be different. If I try just a little harder, work just a little longer, I can survive."  Tomorrow I am going to be a strong female from a Willa Cather Novel.  I will up-root that flag of surrender, throw it to the ground, square my shoulders, hold my head high and march forward into battle.  You blasted chipmunks are going down!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

JillyBean's Farm volume l

Have ya ever been standing in the grocery store check-out line and observed the magazine rack?  There are many magazines published by celebrities featuring a picture of them on every cover every month.  I always wanted my YARD and farm to be featured in a magazine, but I live in the sand dunes and sagebrush so my yard is not magazine material.  Really it's not that bad, but it is a struggle trying to keep it like I want it.  So, I decided to do my own magazine article about my yard and farm with my picture on the front cover.  I am a bit self-conscious so the front cover would look something like this: 

Then you would see before and after pictures showing a beautiful transformation of dirt and de-brie into a Paradise.  Well I haven't any before pictures (Wish I did), and I don't have any after (it is still in progress), but I do have some NOW pictures.

As you pull into our yard  you see a bright yellow picnic table. ( We eat out-side all summer.)  With a chandelier dangling from a tree branch over-head.

As you look a little further you spy bright green chairs and what is that?  It looks like a dining room hutch.  Nope- guess again, it is a gun cabinet re-cycled into a outdoor whats-it.   This has been sitting in my drive-way, er------ out-door dining room------ for the past 7 years.   It has dishes, paintings and glass bottles inside.   Carver spent a whole day painting it.  I LOVE it!


Glen made this table about 40 years ago as a teenager.  It is held together with matching yellow baling twine.

Another project of Glen's is the bench that folds down into a picnic table.  I made the green chair seat.  Just put a couple of boards across 2 matching wooden chairs and then painted it.

The pictures above are just in the drive-way.  In the next volume I will show you what's beyond the BLUE door.

Note:  last night, Sat. 23 a new CSA member came to the farm for her first pick-up and commented that my yard looked like something in a magazine.  Thanks Stephanie, you made my day----week!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm not BLUE

I am not BLUE.   I am a happy YELLOW.


             I am sending everyone a big bunch of my favorite, happy, bright flowers, I painted
                                                                          in one
                                                      of my favorite, happy colors.

                                                     Y  E  L  L  O  W

                                          I will not let them blasted varmints make me BLUE!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Radish Report/ CSA Delivery

It's been a productive week.  The gardens are in------just about.  Re-planting tomatoes at the farm instead of the house, the chipmunks haven't been any trouble there.  Just the jack-rabbits,  and  the cotton-tails, annnnnnd the gophers, annnnnnd the chizzlers, but we have the perimeter fenced now and that should at least take care of the rabbits,  unless we fenced  them in un-knowingly.  I ended up re- planting 4th of July tomatoes instead of all the Heirlooms -- -ya the chipmunks got ALL the heirlooms.  I have grown the 4th of July for many years.  It is a tomato that will produce for me in my short season.  It is very prolific and the green tomatoes are just the right size for pickling.

Two nights now  without frost and things have really taken a jump.  Next week we should have our tables full of the mixed greens everyone asks for. We will have a few this week, but get there early they sell fast.

The winner of the awesome ugly market bag is Terrie H.  If you will please e mail me I'll get that sent out to you.  I felt very bad about it being sooooooo ugly that I am also sending along this beautiful hat band for you  to wear to the neighborhood TEA PARTY.


                             It is peach chiffon with linen hand-turned roses and vintage beaded lace.

                                     If anyone is interested in a custom hat-band just e-mail me.


CSA Delivery

 Full Share                     1/2 Share

6 Tomatoes                                 3 Tomatoes
2 European Cukes                       1 European Cuke
Spinach                                        Spinach
Mixed Greens                              Carrots
Carrots                                         Onions
Onions                                          1 Zucchini
2 Zucchini                                     1 Yellow Squash
1 Yellow Squash                           Peas- maybe
Peas- maybe                                  Garlic

Fruit this week is apricots.

And the best news for the Radish Report is ------NO FLAT TIRES this week!

c/ya at MARKET

Thursday, June 14, 2012

chipmunks are NOT cute

Why did I ever enjoy listening to my record album, Alvin and the Chipmunks, with their cute little voices?   I even had my own Alvin the chipmunk impersonation,  and when you saw them in cartoons they were adorable.   I think they even have their own movie now.  I have been over-run with the cute little VARMINTS and I am declaring WAR.  Just the past couple of years we have had trouble with them and this year the gardens are under full attack. 
As I watch out the east window of the little red house, they scamper over the pile of rocks that are to become our patio.  Standing tall on their hind legs they call to everyone and spread the good news.

Un -be- known to me the little fellow was saying.  "Hey everybody, grab your kids and come on over, FarmHer JILL is feeding us a smorgasbord.  Today she is serving freshly planted tomato plants, sprinkled with  seeds of heirloom  Turk's Turban  and other yummy winter squash, and a gourmet salad topped with yellow gold zucchini sprouts."

I guess everyone had their fill, because this plant was left over after they chopped it to the ground.  All but 4 of the 30 plants were devoured.

This is what I found every 5 feet down the long winter squash rows.  They had dug out all the seed and eaten the green growth from inside the shell.  The sad thing is, I cannot replant.  My window,  of planting soon enough to get a harvest before frost, is shut.   Hopefully they don't find all the squash planted down at the farm. 

No amount of duct tape will solve this problem.  I am headed to town to buy some live traps and a little box or two of lead poison.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Packed the car with garlic and headed for market.  The smell was pungent and wonderful for the hour and 15 minute drive.  Garlic is a favorite at our house.  We use it medicinally and in our cooking.  One of our favorite is roasted garlic.  Just cut the tops off the whole bulb and place in a baking pan make sure you have enough bulbs for each individual.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Cover and bake about 45 minutes.  For a quick snack, a short-cut is to use a ceramic coffee cup, place the bulb (remember to cut the top off exposing the individual cloves)  in the cup, drizzle with olive oil and microwave about 45 seconds.  Serve  with a good  asiagio cheese  home-made crusty bread.  Add some heirloom tomatoes and you've got a gourmet meal.

During the winter we always have garlic on hand.  Take the first sign of a cold.  You can make a poultice and place on your feet to combat croup.  Cover feet with petroleum jelly and then place the crushed garlic on the bottom of your feet and wrap your feet in plastic wrap and put on socks.  When you can smell garlic on the breath it has been on long enough.

We have also used the garlic to help eliminate teenage acne due to sweating during sports.  Just cut a clove in half and rub the juice on the face after it has been washed.  Some people are allergic to garlic.  Use with caution.


The planted garlic will send up a flower, or garlic scape.  This needs to be cut off so the energy will go into forming a larger bulb.  The flower below had bloomed before I cut it off.  Sprinkle the blossoms over scrambled or deviled eggs.  Top a salad with them or use anywhere you would like a hint of garlic taste.

To make the garlic salt I cut the blossoms off the flower head, gathered a handful of scapes and chopped the entire scape finely. Also  use full bulbs of garlic

Add chopped garlic to course sea salt and mix well.  Let set about 24 hours so the salt will absorb the garlic oils. This  course salt will be used in a salt grinder.

Spread salt on a large baking sheet and put in a warm oven, 250 degrees, until the garlic is dry, about a day or so.  Stir often.  When completely dry, put in airtight containers.  You can also add other dried foods ie:  tomatoes,red or green peppers, chillie peppers, onions, even eggplant, squash, or herbs. 

 I use approximately 1 large garlic bulb to 1&1/2- 2 cups of salt.  If you make it to strong, just add more salt after it is dried.

This is how to make garlic salt that can be dispenced from a salt shaker.  Follow the above procedures, except use ground sea salt.  I usually just use the garlic bulbs for this salt.

After you have dried the salt throughly in the oven, put the salt in a blender or food processor and blend until fine.

Plant individul cloves of garlic in the fall.  Garlic likes well composted, loose soil.  For my area elephant garlic needs to be planted in the green-house because the winters are too cold, but other hard-neck varities do well planted outside. Plant garlic leaving 8 inches between cloves.  I add a 2 inch layer of compost and then a 4 inch layer of old hay or straw over top.  Water well  
if you do not get sufficient moisture during the fall.  In the spring the garlic will push through the mulch.  Keep moist and cut the scapes off to allow for bigger bulbs.  Many people ask me if they can just plant garlic from the store.  I say yes, but get a good hard-neck variety, usually has a red tinge to it.  They seem to produce better than the california white you find most available.  Elephant garlic you find at the stores can also be planted.

To Harvest:  When the tops turn yellow and dry out the garlic is ready for harvesting.  Dig out the  entire plant.  Leave on the long stems, bundle them together and hang in a shed or garrage out of the sun.  Allow for good air circulation.  When cured about a month or two, cut stems off 2 inches above the bulb and store out of direct light.  Most garlic will last through the winter with the exception of Elephant garlic.  Use it first.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Radish Report/ CSA Delivery

1 potato
2 potato
3 potato
FarmHer  Jill's a plantin' taters
and A LOT more.

Busy week.  Got the squash patch tilled-------almost  ----well half at least.  Planted a large variety of both winter and summer squash.  Hopefully in the next two days the gardens will be in.  Why plant so late you ask?  Well this picture should explain.  This is what happened when I turned on the water this morning.  June 8th.   

                             And some hoses were frozen so hard I couldn't get any water through them

Should be only one more week of these hard killing frosts --- no more frost pictures I promise-- and then just light ones after that till the end of the month.  Why don't I move somewhere warm to garden?   Believe me, I have often asked myself that question.  I guess I am just a glutton for punishment, but most of all I think I enjoy the challenge of getting the harvest in and the reward of hard work and  the effort it takes makes it worth it.  Besides I can grow the best potatoes, warm days  --cold nights-- and the greens produce all summer long.


elephant garlic
broccoli leaf
herb salt
baby greens--maybe--
Anasazi  bean soup mix-recipe below

I have 5 regular season (june 16 thru sept 29) CSA shares still available.  Information  at my booth  (Cricket Song Farm) in the North East corner of the square at the St. George Farmers Market.

Anasazi Bean Soup

Rince beans in cold water.  In a crock pot add 1 quart of water to the beans.  If desired place a couple of ham hocks in with the beans.   Cook on low for 10 to 12 hours.  Watch and add more water if necessary.   Remove meat from hocks and take the bones out of the soup.  To thicken, mix 2-3 tbs. corn starch with 1/4 cup water and add to beans.  Add seasoning packet.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with crusty bread.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


origional artwork please do not copy

I live among the wild horses, well, sort-of.   They are in the mountains all around us.   Years ago when I was young the citizens were allowed to go out into the mountains and catch the wild mustangs.  My dad and my husband's father were both mustangers.   Glen's dad, Kent's favorite horse was a mustang he named "ole shorty".  He spent time after he came home from  the war riding the range with the Terry Boys (my grand-pa).  We just visited Kent's  graveside where he has a beautiful headstone with the mustangs running wild.
Apache, my husband favorite roping horse was a beautiful Appaloosa. 

Here we are team roping a "few" years back.  We took the money home on this run.  I got a
 double- hock-er.  That means I caught both hind legs after Glen caught the neck .  After these two horses got old and died we quit roping.  Glen's job didn't allow him the time and we moved quite often and couldn't have horses.  I miss it.

What does this have to do with gardening?  Nothing really except well rotted Horse Biscuits are good for your garden.  Asparagus especially love them.


It has been almost a week, but am back in running order.  I know, I know you thought I had skipped away on a little cruise to the Bahamas, or an all exclusive 5 day spa treatment where they tried all week to get the dirt out from under my fingernails.  No, nothing as glamorous as that for this farm girl, just a minor mis-hap.--------  I watered my computer along with the spinach.--------    You see, I was doing some work at the farm office ( 3 straw bales stacked just so) I turned off my computer--luckily-- and placed it behind a bale out of the sun---but the lid was up.  I went about my puttering for a few hours and then changed the water and there was just enough wind that the water spray reached the computer-----so it has been drying out the past few days. 

Well, as you know I have an over abundance of eggs here at the house and to remedy some of the excess we have been making GERMAN PANCAKES.  Jake is a good little baker and made this for our brunch the other day.


When the pancake is pulled out of the oven the sides will be tall and then gradually fold over as it cools.

Serve with home-made blueberry syrup and a scoop of organic home-made goat yogurt or at least a good organic french vanilla yogurt .

To make the German Pancakes I use a round cast-iron, enamel coated pan.  You could also use a large round cast-iron skillet or I  have even used a square glass casserole dish, but I like the results of using a round pan.  I have only made this with farm-fresh eggs so I don't know if rises as well with store bought eggs.

                                                             GERMAN PANCAKES

In a 400-450 degree oven melt 1/2 cube of real butter in the bottom of the pan, watch carefully and do not scorch the butter.. In a separate bowl beat 12 eggs,  add 1 cup organic whole milk, and 1 cup flour.  Beat until well blended.   Pour into pan with melted butter.  Bake  until peaks are crispy brown.  About 20-25 minutes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Radish Report/ CSA Delivery

ice crystals--aren't they beautiful

Well, I  think this picture just about describes how my week has been.  Lots of covering and hoping the plants survive.  I wish I had a better camera because they really are beautiful.  The frost Wednesday morning took out several tomato plants from the cold-frame.  Yes, this is typical weather for us.  Just wait til I show you frost pictures in JULY and AUGUST!

                        Thursday morning (May 31) this is what I found out by the far west hydrant

                                                            yip, they are ICE- CICLES

                                      So  I put the boys to work making some more cold-frames.  

                                                         Notice it is a 2 coat kind of day

                                           but it did eventually warm up to a one coat day

                                     Sure am glad I live in Southern Utah where it's WARM

Glen got a lot of tilling done so I can plant more potatoes.  Moved the tiller down to the house and I will begin tilling the notorious squash patch.  Should be able to plant all tenders,  beans, squash, etc. in a couple of weeks.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

zucchini                            Amount of veges and fruit will vary according to share size
yellow squash
green garlic

Thanks again Shelly for helping with this week's delivery.  It sure is nice to have a sister who lives in Southern Utah where it really is WARM