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Cricket Song Farm

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Fever

Spring Fever, it happens to me every year.
here's a post from 2013
Monday, March 4, 2013


I feel awful,
 I'm cranky,
 (and you all know I hate that).
My head hurts
I can't stay on track
my mind wanders.
I forget
I miss-place things.
When I can sleep,
I  dream about
shovels ---really.

I must be ill, deathly ill.
I call the doctor--not really--
I search the Internet
hoping to find a cure
or a clue to my demise.
I search for answers
I find what's ailing me,


it's real.
I have all the symptoms
there is no cure
except to wait it out
it will eventually run it's course
in the meantime
 I will plant seeds, lots of seeds, in little black pots
and set them in a sunny south window.
I will read about beautiful flowers
and draw plans for the gardens
I'll go bare-foot in the yard (as soon as the snow is gone)
I'll dig holes, lots of holes, to plant trees in
and spend my sleepless nights delivering adorable baby goats.
I feel better already.

Have you had a case of the dreaded spring fever too? 

I pulled up a few pictures of my garden (in Roosevelt) last year, just to remind me that
soon I will be planting......weeding......watering...and anxiously waiting for that first sun warmed tomato off the vine.

A section of the garden just south of the house

herbs will be planted on the south side of the garden shed

out behind the wood shed is another garden area

In this section 80 tomato plants of several varieties were planted.  I
will plant tomatoes here again this year, tomatoes are one plant that will do 
well planted in the same spot for several years.

Four curving rows, each measuring over 500 feet long, were planted with winter squash,
more tomatoes,  and vining crops

the rows were watered from the spring that is hidden back in the trees

I have about an eight week earlier planting season at Roosevelt so I can get my gardens in and the water system set up and everything on track before leaving to begin planting at the farm.

I will be planting squash at the farm, the squash bugs in Roosevelt destroyed most of my crop.

Rhubarb lining the pathway to the green house

Yep, I have a bad case of the dreaded Spring Fever, but a cure is in sight!

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