Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Compost trumps Mulch

FarmHer Jill making compost

I always know when spring has officially arrived.  How do I know?  Well I begin to dream about planting gardens, ordering baby chicks, and all things outdoors.  Last night I had a funny dream, I even woke up my husband to tell him about it before I forgot the major parts.  You see, I was in an old klunker pick-up on a Big City freeway somewhere out there trying to find a meeting of some sorts or another to attend. The meeting was in a large, very tall building and I needed to park in a several story parting lot.  The meeting must have been real boring because I don't remember a thing about it!  As I was leaving, I couldn't remember which level I had parked my truck on so I asked a passer-by if the level I was on, was the one that came in off the freeway.  I explained to him, that I was an ole country, farm gal and didn't know my way around the city.  He just laughed at me and looking down his nose, he said, "So what, I don't care MULCH about you finding your truck!" (acting very snooty and superior about his own gardening accomplishments) Well, I really didn't think that was a very kind answer, so I kindly informed him,  "I also use mulch in my gardens, BUT I MAKE MY OWN COMPOST."  Because every good gardener knows,
 mulch is good, but..........  compost always trumps mulch!

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