Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unique, RHUBARB LEAF Bird Bath or Feeder

This is a picture of one of the many Rhubarb leaf bird baths/feeders we have here on the farm.
I came up with this idea after pricing  fancy, very expensive, bird baths in the stores.

I wanted something different and unique.....and reflected the way we live.
So this is what I came up with.

It can be filled with water or bird seed.

Simply gather Rhubarb (or any other large, veined leaves)
 ...... use an odd number.......I usually use 5

make a mound of dirt or gravel for the center
 (the cement will stick to some of the dirt so you may
 want to cover the mound with plastic wrap)

now pick your leaves and place right side down over the mound
overlapping the leaves

you want the veins sticking up on the back so they will form a pattern in the cement

mix cement to a fairly thick consistency

I use a small garden shovel to place the cement over the leaves, it should be at least an inch thick
try not to get the cement on the ground surrounding the edge of the leaf.  

add extra cement over the center and pat it flat,
 this will rest on your stand and you want it to be level

let it cure for several days
spray often with water as it cures to prevent cracking
carefully turn over and allow the sun to dry out the leaves
scrape off dead leaves
don't worry if some of the veins get stuck in the cement, they will eventually dry and fall out

I  find my bases at thrift stores

or just use something you already have at your farm or home

Use a large, single leaf to make leaves to line walkways,
 or to be place around a raised bed etc.
I use extra large leaves (like the one in the earlier Rhubarb post)
 and place them strategically behind tender perennials to catch and retain the heat from the south winter sun.

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  1. Jill, this is an incredible idea. Love all the variations.