Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gypsy Rose gets a face lift

In 2006, when I purchased my little 12 foot vintage camp trailer, I was asked by one of my sons' why I bought a little, old, needing repairs camp trailer.  I replied, "It was manufactured the same year I was born, so of course I had to buy it."  He replied, "Oh, no wonder it looks so old" , but he didn't mean it rudely, in fact he quickly realized what he had insinuated and apologized.  I laughed and said "All she needs is a little paint and a nip and tuck here and there and she will be as good as new".

So off to the hardware store I went to buy cans of spray paint so I could paint her to reflect the name I had chosen for her.  Rummaging through my second-hand fabric stash, I found the perfect material to recover the cushions in a beautiful rose floral print.  Tightening up the door way and adding a new front window, " Gypsy Rose" was ready to go.
Over the years her paint  has faded and the cushions lost their vibrant color, so this summer Gypsy Rose had a face lift.

A new wooden floor replaced the old green carpet from the 60's

 old, painted, rusted, and chipped tin tiles are added behind the stove

The old paint had faded

so it was off to the hardware store for new paint


wall paper and a vintage milk-glass light (all second-hand of course)
were installed in the "master suite"


In my bins of thrift store linens I found the perfect 60's plush velvet bedspread with Tassels
 (I had one just like it when I was young)
added a few second-hand pillows and a throw, all with Tassels,
dug around through several more bins and found just the right curtains
(that still had the price tag on them $1.00) 
Two-toned green with pink and red stripes and TASSELS!

Added a beautiful satin and rose patterned throw (with tassels)

I found a large piece of tucked material in a gorgeous olive green
If I cut it in half will it cover both bench seats?


rummaged yet again in my curtain bin and found the perfect curtains
they were way too long so I simply folded them in half and used curtain clips to attach them to the rod.
They fit perfectly.
And they also had ............TASSELS

Here are the end results:
Personally I give it 5 stars *****

 Now, a final polish and shine and getting the last of the remodel dust out I will be
loading up my oil paints, canvases, and the old Coleman stove and heading for the hills.
I'll hike to the perfect spot to set up my easel, I'll spend a few days painting,
wandering, and day-dreaming.   Only wish I could, my vehicle that pulls Gypsy Rose is broke
 down right now.  Guess I will just have to go " GLAMPING" out in the back-yard.

This past summer I lived in "Gypsy Rose" all summer.  I rented out the little red house and moved "Gypsy Rose" to the farm.  One fact about living in an old vintage trailer, they do not have a bathroom, so I rummaged up some lumber and the old claw foot tub and made an outdoor bath.
photos of my unique bath house made from raised garden boxes 
in the great outdoors

Had a great time a glamping at the farm.  However, when my husband drove down when he had a few days off, there just wasn't enough room for the 2 of us in tiny "Gypsy Rose".  I am going to make a
 and make him sleep in the doghouse........or a tent.


  1. She's very spiffed up! I don't know what I like the best, but I do love the light over her table! Does she call your name? Cuz she would mine! Awesome! And very Jill!

    1. Howdy Girl,
      Have you found you a little trailer yet? My handsome man said I can hunt for another one when I get back up there to fix up. We'll have to go thriftin' for the perfect décor, wearing our pointy toed cowboy boots of course, and then take our trailers and our girls out a glamping.

  2. I love your camper! I'm wanting to feather mine a little bit more this year. I have it very simple - when we go camping my husband gets a little frustrated that there's no counter space, that I have too many decorations! ha ha! Love your blog too! What an industrious woman you are - love it!

  3. Gorgeous camper...what I grew up calling them...not trailers...that's what I haul my horses in...grin. Going to visit your Airstream now; I have a 1965 Serro Scotty named Poppet and sure wish my husband were alive to say 'no' to camping.