Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Reasons

I'll   NEVER have one of those fancy-smancy, cutsie-wootsie, adorable, blogs about gardening like so many talented people have.   Not going to happen around here, and here are my 5 good reasons why I won't.
#1.  I don't have time, instead of spending a little, short amount of time in a postage-stamp size garden (something I will some-day have if I can figure out how to only plant 3 Zucchini plants instead of 800),  I am spending all my time in my  acres and acres of garden and so little time on the computer.  Instead of writing (well maybe I do a little) about gardening, I am out puttering (which involves lots and lots of work) in the garden.
#2.  I don't know how, you see I belong to the over the hill gang.  I barley could sit through a half year of type while I was in High School.  It was more than I could handle sitting on that hard chair with my feet placed just so, my back straight, and my neck cranked to one side to see the word's in the bright orange,odd shaped type book.  The constant click, click of the typewriter keys and mumbling under my breath when trying to go too fast and the key bars would become a jumbled mess, and worst of all was the constant ding as you came to the end of the row.  Ding, reach up and catch the lever that advances the crisp, white sheet of paper, and sends the roller in the opposite direction, all while trying not to knock the whole heavy apparatus off the table.  And if you made a mistake, well just too bad, either white it out or start over with a new sheet of paper.  Whew, I got out of that class as soon as possible.  (And to think my mother wanted me to be a secretary).  Computers weren't even invented back then.... 
#3.  I have lousy Internet service,  not anyone's fault but the W-I-N-D-'S.  It blows a hundred miles and hour out here and just blows away my signal along with the neighbor's cat!  My cell phone doesn't work half the time either, so if it is important to contact me, you better send along a letter, I check the mail at the corner, a couple of miles away, at least once a month!
#4.  I ain't smart, or beautiful and would rather tax my brain on something more interesting, like how do I keep the mice out of the little red house, or trying to out smart the chipmunks who insist on eating all my squash seeds after they are planted and germinate.  (Which I did with just a 5 gallon bucket full of water) 
#5.  I just don't wana,  there are to many places to discover,  trails to hike, painting's to paint, seeds to plant, weeds to pull, rows to water, veges to harvest and put up, and sunsets and sunrises to watch.  So folks, you'll never see any of that fancy-smancy stuff here.  NO-SIREE!
OH, I guess I do have one more reason:
#6.  My final reason, I just don't wana because, I don't know how, and I ain't smart enough to figure it out.    My internet service is lousy, and I just plain don't have the time.

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