Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


An Airstream
was listed on Craig's list years and years ago.  I just happened to see the add and called.  It was still available for sale ( it was long before they became so popular) so I loaded up the old Burbanitor with supplies for a few days and made the long, one way trip to pick it up.  I had been looking for have at the farm.  My kids would spend the summers in it, giving them a place to sleep instead of on the hard, cement floor of the living room in our little one bedroom house.
I have fond memories of  silver sided classic Airstream's.  As a kid there was one abandoned near the old turkey sheds that were on the outskirts of town.  We farmed the land all around it and oft times my younger sister and I would go inside on hot sunny afternoons to escape the blistering sun while we waited to change the water in the fields. 
I can still smell the mice and rodents that occupied it, but it offered shelter on a hot day so we didn't mind too much.  


furnished with odd bits and treasures
 gathered over the years

a heavy, solid, ceramic vintage owl lamp serves as a door stop

 COME ON IN.........
  To the right is a comfy chair 

old table cloths and vintage curtains wrap around covering the windows
on the far side of the bed

a small magazine rack covered with an old velvet skirt sits between the bed and the couch
I purchased this vintage lamp for just a couple of dollars at a thrift store years ago

the old couch is covered with a blanket and a beautiful, fringed, tapestry

a small black fridge sits atop of an antique drop leaf table
just lift up the side for a place to eat

the kitchen is to the left
it has orange counter tops

down the hallway, behind the chair, to your left is a couch that makes into a bed 

the old bathroom needs to be remodeled
it is not in working order, for now we just use the 

A cozy place to stay when working on my little organic vegetable farm.

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Vintage Camp Trailer

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