Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As the day length decreases and the frost is turning everything brown, I begin to observe the first signs of the dreaded molt.  My hair is filling the bristles in my brush and covering the bathroom floor.  Odd I think to myself,  I don't remember it coming out quite this bad before.  Being the observant farmHer that I am I began to notice the "girls" were loosing their wavy feathers too.  Hum---------I have always observed the molting process in the hens and the natural cycle of egg production.  Less feathers------less eggs, plain and simple.   Sometimes molting will occur in  the spring if your chicks were hatched the prior spring, but generally the molt occurs in the fall of the year.   Being the curious farmHer I am I looked up information about molting and found:


INVOLVES HORMONAL FLUCTUATIONS----yep, I am on the downhill side of 50

NEED INCREASED ENERGY REQUIREMENTS----Yep, that would explain why I ate the whole bag of peanut m&m's leaving only the blue and red ones for Glen

DECREASED DAY LENGTH IS THE NORMAL TRIGGER TO MOLTING----yep, it's fall and the sun is setting around 8:30.  I'm exhausted and ready to roost for the night.

THE BEST THING FOR MOLTING IS TO ELIMINATE STRESS------guess I'll just put up my feet and eat bon bons til spring  because

                                                 I AM DEFINITELY

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  1. I was once asked where I come up with this reply is simple. In my FEATHER brain:)