Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

it was ONIONS

Good guess Vicky.
I know that onions may seem a highly un-likely treat, but I would eat bread and milk ......
and onions,
dipped in a pile of salt
 I had poured on the table,
 at 11:00 at night when we would get in from the farm.
I loved the onions with salt
and would sneak into the garden with the salt shaker 
hoping Grandpa  wouldn't notice all his onions disappearing.
This was so much fun watch for more questions, I am on a painting frenzy!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013


To make potatoe cakes you use left-over mashed potatoes.  
If you make the origional mashed potatoes rich, smooth and creamy, the cakes will not hold their shape as well.
 I have best results mashing  with a fork or potatoe masher and adding a small amount of milk and butter.

Just form the cold mashed potatoes into cakes and fry in butter or olive oil
When crisp, turn and add cheese if desired

Try adding onions, minced garlic, chives, or grated cheese to the cakes before frying.
Serve with a spoon of sour cream on top.
An egg  and flour can also be added.
3 lbs. boiled and cooled potatoes
grate or mash pototoes
3/4c. flour (more if needed to form a stiff dough)
1 tsp. baking powder
dash of salt
3/4c. butter
mix with your hands
roll out dough 1/2"- 3/4" thick with a rolling pin and cut into circles
Fry on a hot griddle.
Serve with a fancy cream cheese topped with smoked salmon
or sliced tomatoe

Monday, February 18, 2013

Junkin' Treasures

I have always been a treasure hunter.
At a very young age I would hop on my "stingray" bike with it's banana seat and wire basket and pedal my fastest to the town dump.  It was located about a mile out of town, up a windy steep dirt road.  It was along side a cliff so the garbage could be dumped, burned, and then pushed over the edge.  I would spend hours and hours looking for treasures.  Even then it wasn't cool new-fangled, discarded toys or plastic (a relative new phenomenon) items I would drag home, no it was old wine bottles, old brown Clorox bleach bottles, green glass gallon jugs, rusty tin cans, old metal machine parts,  real glass car tail lights..............
On my last trip to the farm, I wandered around my little red house and took pictures of a few of my favorite junkin' treasures.
As a college student, I purchased this print about 35 years ago  ( in a junk store of course).  I guess it reminded me of carefree days spent outdoors instead of long days trapped in a classroom and then an 8 hour shift to pull at work after that.  I thought it looked a little like me also.  It sits on an old, antique, peeling veneer topped buffet I have in the bathroom at the little red house.

This glass pitcher and bowl was made by Avon.
  My mother had one sitting in the bathroom window- sill when I was young. 
 I always thought it was so beautiful.  I have collected many of them over the years.
A vintage green glass pitcher
 and salt and pepper shakers made in Italy

In the kitchen
A wire chicken filled with fake vegetables, an old, bright yellow baby scale that matches my yellow kitchen cupboards, and a large candle with wax sunflowers, are sitting atop my original oak "HOOSIER".
Rooster lamp was a score at a junk store in Nevada,  my talented husband made the hand thrown  chip and dip bowl
The one splurge on myself was this beautiful perfume vile.  I spied it at the  Shakespearean Festival gift shop, but I never buy anything new so I just admired it.  A year later I decided that if I was still thinking about the beautiful, sparkly, peacock I would check at the gift shop one night after the
 Cedar City Farmer's Market and if one was  available I would buy it.  I still fill guilty for buying
something new, and to make matters worse I don't even use perfume.  It gives me an awful
 I do wear a fragrance
when I am at the farm
 I call it  CORRAL #5

Friday, February 15, 2013

Drying Celery

Made egg salad sandwiches for breakfast the other day 
everything was home made or home grown
celery from the garden (we grow it in the green house)
  is tastier  than store bought
 Try drying the celery stocks to use in soups, and stews 
 slice celery into 1/4 inch slices
place in a food dehydrator
dry until brittle
store in a dark, air-tight container

  the leaves I just chop up and put out on a tray lined with paper towels
when completely dry store in a dark, air-tight container
I add the leaves to course sea salt along with other dried vegetables and herbs
 (tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, oregano, tarragon, etc.) from the garden
 and put in a salt grinder
Try using the fresh leaves in salad or an omelet

Monday, February 11, 2013


Over the past few years the keeping of chickens in the back-yard has become common place.  Little mini coops are all the rage, some are even made into little hen mansions complete with wall paper, hanging chandeliers, art, and indoor plumbing.
My girls are not quite that fortunate.  They do live in a hen house HOTEL,
 with a walk out terrace, but it does not have pretty flowered paper on the wall, the hanging chandelier is nothing more than a metal bell with a heat lamp inside,  the only art on the wall is dust and the patterns change according to how hard the wind blows.  I wish the indoor plumbing was installed, but the hens don't seem to mind someone hauling water for them. All this aside, they are just regular old Barnyard Hens. What is the difference between a barnyard hen and a backyard hen you may ask yourself? 

They both lay eggs in all colors
They both contently scratch in the yard looking
for bugs, slugs, worms,
and other creepy crawlies
to devour
They both cluck contently as
they forage for worms
 and squawk to announce
the egg just laid in the straw lined box
They both come in all kinds,
varieties, sizes, and color,
and all have feathers,
in most cases the cities who allow chickens in the backyard do not allow
A rooster crowing to greet the new day is one of my favorite
farm sounds
his call of pending danger
or come along girls I've found a juicy bug
makes me smile
Years ago I was taught this little song in school (by a teacher). If I remember right it is
 an old Irish Folk Song 
 I don't remember the words exactly, but it goes something like this
I had some chickens
no eggs would they lay
until that rooster
came into our yard..
They're layin' eggs now
just like they used to
ever since that Rooster
came into our Yard
a rather suave and debonair fellow
is just one of several Roosters we have had on the farm.
I guess fancy wall paper,
and indoor plumbing
is not everything it's
up to be

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a bucket of GERANIUMS

One of my favorite flowers is a geranium.  They come in from the gardens and reside in a sunny south facing window for the winter.  As I wash dishes they remind me of warmer weather just around the corner........... at the end of a long street, way down the road far, far away. 

Sat down this morning and did a quick study.

Thought maybe I'd just paint over it after it dried.  I have made a goal to paint more, but that requires a new canvas for every painting.  So painting over a painting saves buying more materials. 

Then I wondered if someone out there might like this to hang out in their potting shed so here's the deal.  I'll send this to the first person who can answer a question about myself correctly.
First here are the stipulations;
1.  You must be a  "follower"
(you can join now and participate, only available  to U.S. delivery )
2.  Leave your answer in the comment section
(you only have one guess)
3.  Promise you won't throw darts at it.
When I was young I would grab the salt shaker and go out into the garden and eat?

Friday, February 1, 2013


On my way down south to attend an oil portrait painting class, I stopped after 4 hours of driving.  I planned my trip to drive through Richfield so I could stop at one of my favorite D.I. stores.  Usually when I go to a thrift store the item I was looking for or would have bought is already in someone else's cart and is heading out the door as I am coming in.  Well, today was different----or so I
 thought.  When I walk in, the first place I head is to the collectibles.  Sure enough there sat the most beautiful, dainty, hand-painted with purple violets, porcelain, even had it's lid, made in England TEA POT.  Smiling to my self, and thinking this must be my lucky day, I placed it in my cart and moved on looking for vintage linens and lamps.
As I was rummaging through a shelf a young man approached me and said, "Are you going to by that Tea Pot?"  After lot's of stupid answers to answer a ridiculous question ran through my head -----like "Look dude I have just driven 4 hours so I could stop at this particular store, and it is in my cart so of course I AM planning on buying this beautiful, I have been looking for it all
                                                              MY LIFE
                          TEA POT!"

But I didn't, I just replied a simple "YES".  Then he went on to tell me his story.  He and  his wife had been in earlier and had found the Tea Pot for their daughter's Birthday Party.  He explained that they had taken it up to the front and asked them to hold it until they could go to the bank for some cash.  Along their way they had stopped off to check at the antique store and by the time they had  finally gotten back to the thrift store the Tea Pot had been placed back out on the sales floor and now it was in my cart.  He continued saying his wife didn't dare ask for it back, but they really wanted it for the party, so being the good dad he was he came and asked me if I would give it to them.

Well, I love a TEA PARTY.  Lacy dresses with lots of ruffles, big hats with ostrich feathers, sparkly shoes, tiny sandwiches, and lots of giggles.  And who am I to say "no" and ruin a little girl's perfect Birthday party.  So I gladly (well maybe not that happy too) handed over the beautiful, hand painted with purple violet's, been looking for one all my life, dainty, even has a lid, porcelain, made in England TEA POT.

The dad introduced himself to me and genuinely thanked me.  I replied,  " You are welcome. I happen to be on the road and maybe this gesture will bring me "GOOD KARMA".  Smiling a smile that only a dad has when he gets his little girl her dream, he walked away.........with the beautiful, even has a lid,  I'll never find another in my life, tea pot.

I drove the remaining 3 hours without incident.  BUT......when I arrived to the farm I found the water lines in the heated pump house frozen  and the underground lines were still frozen a couple of days after I got the pump house thawed. ( Won' t know if pipes are busted until the spring thaw.)  So I just hauled water all week when I got home  at night from my class in St. George.   AND.......the winter squash and potatoes I had stored in the house were frozen.   

ice crystals on the potatoes
AND............. to top it all off I got a speeding ticket on the way back to Roosevelt.
  So much for