Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Walked out the back door into a beautiful day for tree hunting.
My breath is taken away, not from the cold, but from the beauty that surrounds me.

the tree  bush hunters

cutting off the perfect sagebrush
out to the compost heap to unearth some corn husks to make a tree angel
sage blossoms and sparkly earring post make a beautiful halo

can't find the box with the tree ornaments (it must be up north)
so the large white and blue Christmas light bulbs will do just fine
with bits of colored ribbon draped through the silvery branches
and spicy gingerbread cookies 
 our little tree will be
something magical and wonderful

the branches are covered with silver leaves and capped with frilly blossoms 
This beautiful tree is my favorite Christmas Tradition.
Do you have a unique or special Christmas Tradition?  Please share it with us.



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