Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, February 1, 2013


On my way down south to attend an oil portrait painting class, I stopped after 4 hours of driving.  I planned my trip to drive through Richfield so I could stop at one of my favorite D.I. stores.  Usually when I go to a thrift store the item I was looking for or would have bought is already in someone else's cart and is heading out the door as I am coming in.  Well, today was different----or so I
 thought.  When I walk in, the first place I head is to the collectibles.  Sure enough there sat the most beautiful, dainty, hand-painted with purple violets, porcelain, even had it's lid, made in England TEA POT.  Smiling to my self, and thinking this must be my lucky day, I placed it in my cart and moved on looking for vintage linens and lamps.
As I was rummaging through a shelf a young man approached me and said, "Are you going to by that Tea Pot?"  After lot's of stupid answers to answer a ridiculous question ran through my head -----like "Look dude I have just driven 4 hours so I could stop at this particular store, and it is in my cart so of course I AM planning on buying this beautiful, I have been looking for it all
                                                              MY LIFE
                          TEA POT!"

But I didn't, I just replied a simple "YES".  Then he went on to tell me his story.  He and  his wife had been in earlier and had found the Tea Pot for their daughter's Birthday Party.  He explained that they had taken it up to the front and asked them to hold it until they could go to the bank for some cash.  Along their way they had stopped off to check at the antique store and by the time they had  finally gotten back to the thrift store the Tea Pot had been placed back out on the sales floor and now it was in my cart.  He continued saying his wife didn't dare ask for it back, but they really wanted it for the party, so being the good dad he was he came and asked me if I would give it to them.

Well, I love a TEA PARTY.  Lacy dresses with lots of ruffles, big hats with ostrich feathers, sparkly shoes, tiny sandwiches, and lots of giggles.  And who am I to say "no" and ruin a little girl's perfect Birthday party.  So I gladly (well maybe not that happy too) handed over the beautiful, hand painted with purple violet's, been looking for one all my life, dainty, even has a lid, porcelain, made in England TEA POT.

The dad introduced himself to me and genuinely thanked me.  I replied,  " You are welcome. I happen to be on the road and maybe this gesture will bring me "GOOD KARMA".  Smiling a smile that only a dad has when he gets his little girl her dream, he walked away.........with the beautiful, even has a lid,  I'll never find another in my life, tea pot.

I drove the remaining 3 hours without incident.  BUT......when I arrived to the farm I found the water lines in the heated pump house frozen  and the underground lines were still frozen a couple of days after I got the pump house thawed. ( Won' t know if pipes are busted until the spring thaw.)  So I just hauled water all week when I got home  at night from my class in St. George.   AND.......the winter squash and potatoes I had stored in the house were frozen.   

ice crystals on the potatoes
AND............. to top it all off I got a speeding ticket on the way back to Roosevelt.
  So much for


  1. You are such a kind-hearted and positive person! Sorry we missed each other again! -Kim

  2. Oh Jill. I really hope the speeding ticket cost less than the many deer you've done in on your travels... maybe put a "governor" on the accelerator? We're kidding next week, you gonna be around?

  3. Knowing you it could have been a whole lot worse, maybe it was good Karma:)