Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hey everyone, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner,    I guess I was just so busy trying to get the tilling and planting done  .My farm is directly in the path of the eclipse.  Last minute I thought we could have a eclipse party.  Bring your friends and neighbors, even the in-laws, and your lawn chairs.  Please don't forget your viewing glasses and a jacket.  If you will be hungry bring a picnic or hot dogs to roast over the fire pit.  I have a few marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies for cookie s'mores, but please bring extra if you'd like.

Disclaimer:  The farm is still in dis-array, I can't get the lawn mower to go.   You'll have to come again when I have my work crew to help and  everything is green and beautiful.

I have often wondered why the sun sets here are just so unbelievable.  Could it be because of the sun's journey across the sky DIRECTLY over head that makes them this way?         Don't know, could Be.

                                              This photo was taken onThursday

                                                       This photo taken on Friday

I am blessed to see  a sunset like this most every night.  Long before  it was required that the streets be numbered out here, my road I farm on was called------- SUNSET ROAD.


  1. Jill, those photos make me homesick. I wish I could make it to your party. Take Care

    1. Hey Rach, wish you and your family could have been here too. Give everyone a big hug from Aunt JILL