Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, July 10, 2015


Remember when you were little and you would "run away" from home, but as soon as you got hungry, cold, and night set in, you could be found back in your own bed?  Well, hubby and I ran away for a couple of weeks.  As adults we call this a vacation, but I hang on to my childish notion of running away.  That is why I guess ANDREW HENRY'S MEADOW  has always been my favorite  book.  I look for it in every second-hand store I enter.  I have been collecting enough of the first edition copies to give to each of my children so that their children will know the proper way to
" run away. "
Stopping in junk stores and flea markets along the route is my idea of a great vacation.  We stopped in a little thrift store somewhere in Colorado, I don't remember what town we were in.  As we were checking out I suddenly realized I had not looked through the children's books.  I took the change from our purchase and quickly found the book aisle while my
 husband went out to the car to wait.
 As I rounded the corner my eye caught a glimpse of a bright green cover.
 Could it be?


I hid it under the other books purchased and said to my husband as I climbed into the vehicle.  "Guess what I found."  He replied, "ANDREW HENRY'S MEADOW".
"How did you know?" I asked.
"By the grin on your face".  He replied.
Yep, needless to say it made my day-----week!!!!

I also found another copy of
Barbara Kingsolver's   ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE
My dog-eared copy of this book is down at the farm.  Now I have one in both locations.
see what other unique things I found along the way.


I also found this book about Georgia O'Keefe, an artist I have always admired.  I read it aloud as we traveled along.  We even made a loop out of the way to drive by her house in New Mexico.  Hopefully next trip down I will be able to catch a tour.  I was unaware that you must schedule ahead of time through the museum in Santa Fe, and only a hand full of people are allowed to participate at a time.  Make reservations before you go!

When we got home the gardens were completely over run with weeds.  The water timers had worked great and kept everything alive!  As soon as I find the plants I will post pictures.

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