Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Every Year I keep a journal of my Garden.  Sometimes it is an elaborate book filled with seed packets, the weather documented, how and when plants were harvest, etc. etc.

 This year, I glued an old painting that had a whole torn in it, onto a journal cover.

A piece of garden twine keeps the pages in.

Draw simple plans of the area so you have a record of what was planted, enabling you to keep track of crop rotation from year to year.

Make notes of the wonderful surprises you find.

Simple drawing, newspaper articles, seed packets. and pictures drawn by your children are easily glued onto a page.

Add pictures of crops you grew.  Record the planting date, how productive they were and make a note of any additional information that can help in the following years.

Keeping a garden journal and recording important information will help you have a better, more productive garden the following year!

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