Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to make a Lavender Wand

 Pick Lavender early in the morning when the stems are still supple from the dew.
Choose stems that are about 10 inches long.
Strip the leaves from the stems, save the leaves for sachets or potpourri.
Use an odd number of flowers, I usually use 11 stems.  This makes a nice size wand, but more or less can be used if desired.

Tie the stems together just below the flowers.

Carefully bend the stems back over the flower heads.  

Weave ribbon over and under the stems in an continuous circle. 

If I am using a small bit of lace or ribbon,
 I use it to tie the stems together and then begin to weave.

Any width of ribbon can be used.  The wider the ribbon, the less you have to weave.

Fancy embellishments can be added.  Here I have added a hand-made ribbon rose and bead work from an old wedding dress I purchased from the thrift store.

Place these wands in your dresser drawers, under your pillow to help you get a good nights rest, or anywhere you would apreciate the smell of their fragrance.  Try hanging one from your car's rear view mirror.  

For the green wand I left the stems showing.  I continued with the lace along the entire stem of the white wand.  I tied a knot in the end and secured it with fabric glue.

Made a mess of the kitchen doing this project,

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