Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jacob Sheep

We purchased our Jacob Sheep in 1996.  I am a hand spinner and weaver, and was always intrigued with the Jacob Sheep.  As a spinner you have a large variety of yarn you can spin from the sheep's fleeces.   Black, brown, lavender, white, plied 1 strand white 1 strand colored, or while carding just card all colors together for a variegated yarn.  The crimp count is about average, meaning the yarn is not itchy nor is it real soft like Merino.  It makes great mittens, hats and socks.  When my kids were little I knitted them tube socks from the wool.  The socks repelled the farm dirt and didn't wear out very easily.  

                                  Hand Spun, Home Made,Tube Socks

Size 8 knitting needle cast on multiples of 2 long enough to go around the calf circumference. For the stretchy cuff, Knit 2 plural 2 ribbing for 2 inches.  Knit right side, plural wrong until desired leg and foot length.  Decrease 2 every row for toes, until 6 stitches remain on needle.  Cut yarn leaving about 1 yard in length, draw yarn through  remaining stitches and tie off.  Use remaining yarn to sew seam. Hand wash in cold water.
    HINT: I would make them larger than needed and felt them by putting them in a pan of hat water and a tablespoon of dish soap.  Agitate for several minutes and then rinse in cold water.  Repeat this process until you achieve the desired results.  After the socks are felted they can be washed in the regular wash.

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