Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blasted Cold

So, I headed south this past week.  The weather up here in Roosevelt had been beautiful, sunny and warm.  I got an itch to run down to the farm for a few days and get ready for the coming up market season.  Well it's not as warm down there (even though people up here think it's warmer) so of course when I pulled into the yard late Monday night I was hit with a gale force wind and blowing snow.  The next two days the daytime high made it to a balmy,  haha,  26 degrees and the wind was clocked at 80 miles and hour.  How much work do you think I got done?  NOTHING, NOTA , ZERO, ZIP.  The weather didn't seem to bother the new "crop" of lambs, however.


I think I'll call her ANGEL

Jacob Sheep make such good moms.  In the 15 or more years I've raised them I have not had any problems.

Not being able to get much done outside, on  Thursday  I ran away to Bunkerville Nevada to see my younger sister and take her a few items.  She is an amazing photographer and refinishes and builds furniture.  She has a blog also


Friday dawned without a wind and was actually quite warm so I drove over and visited with the 4 Country Gals.  They are a hoot!  I will pay them a "Farm Visit" and tell you all about them in the future.  4 retired gals living their dream of running a small organic farm.
Had to head back up north  The boys were getting a little tired of dad's cooking.  I'll be down again over spring break, but this time the "work crew" will be with me.  Even if the wind is blowing, which I can assure you it will be, we have got a kazillion things to do.  I can hardly wait! 

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