Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, May 25, 2012

Radish Report

Lets see what can I report about other than it is still freezing every night preventing the setting out of tomatoes and other warm weather plants.  Oh, I had a chip-monk eat most of  my heirloom tomatoe plants ( about 125 tomatoes of all kinds).  I have babied those plants along since February.  They even made several trips in the car back and forth from Roosevelt.  The night I got home to the farm I set them in the Sunroom and the next morning they were gone.  Gone, long gone,------- eaten.  I trapped the little guy using duct tape.  Every good farmer has rolls of duct tape stashed, but  I'm not saying how the catching process was carried out.  I still have about 40 heirloom plants left and hopefully will be able to set them outside  this next week.  I do have heirloom tomatoes in the greenhouse and my large box cold frame that are coming along nicely.

I have 8 green zebra and 8 brandywine planted in this box-frame

Had another flat tire.  Only this time it was on Hwy 56.  Bad thing was, I was in a skirt and the wind was a blowin.   I  had it about changed when a nice fellow stopped to help.  Thank you Mr. Christensen!!! 

I will have green garlic at market on Saturday.  Green garlic is mature bulbs that are left in the ground over the winter without being harvested and seperated.   In the spring, every bulb sends up a small garlic plant from each individual clove in the bulb.  I harvest these when they are young and tender.  Just cut the whole plant up and use in your cooking.

I will also have rhubarb, onions, chard, tomatoes, celery, sage, chives, oregano, tarragon, more bags of my gourmet goat garden garnish, and of course our famous eggs.  Please bring a carton for your eggs if possible.

                                        she's a struttin her stuff down the chicken run--------way

The girls have not been to happy with me since they have been confined to the Hen-house Hotel and the walk out, enclosed terrace. I'm sorry girls, but once the gardens go in you cannot be digging up the carrot seedlings.  All is forgiven though when I bring them fresh goats milk and a big armful of greens from the greenhouse.

I will also have hand-made ear-rings for sale.  All proceeds go to the Primary Children's Hospital.  Thank you Tosha for coming every week to purchase a pair.


  1. Hey Jill, this is probably a dumb question. Can I grow watercress in a pot from seeds? I always remeber getting it out at the ranch right near the spring so does it need to be in that kind of environment to grow or would it work it a pot if I kept it watered good enough. Dumb question #2. I saw some watercress at the store with some pretty good roots on them, can I plant those?

    1. Hey Rach,

      Good question. Whenever we want cress we just go pick it out of the stream so I am in the process of a few experiments. I'll post about it later. Thanks for the great idea.