Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, March 29, 2012



As I was driving around town yesterday I noticed all the beautiful spring flowers.  I went home and dug through my paintings of flowers.  I took some pictures of the paintings and modified them with the computer.


                           Iris is my favorite spring flower.  They are not up yet, but will be soon.

                                                            WHITE LILACS on a chair

Lilacs are the smell of warmer days to come.  Here in Roosevelt we have several lilac bushes.  I am down to the farm by the time they bloom.  My lilacs at the farm have never bloomed.  When we first moved there a neighbor said she had been there 25 years and had never seen her lilacs bloom.  We have now been there 15 years and my more than 30 lilac bushes have never bloomed, it's just too cold.  I am hoping with this warmer spring maybe they will!!!!!


When I painted this I thought it looked like someone on my dads side of the family.  What do you think????


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    1. Thats who I thought it looked like, however grandpa's hat never looked this good. One of my foundest memories of Grandpa is his old beat up hat. I thought maybe a little like uncle Malin also. Or-----add a long braid and it could be a self-portrait.