Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, February 18, 2013

Junkin' Treasures

I have always been a treasure hunter.
At a very young age I would hop on my "stingray" bike with it's banana seat and wire basket and pedal my fastest to the town dump.  It was located about a mile out of town, up a windy steep dirt road.  It was along side a cliff so the garbage could be dumped, burned, and then pushed over the edge.  I would spend hours and hours looking for treasures.  Even then it wasn't cool new-fangled, discarded toys or plastic (a relative new phenomenon) items I would drag home, no it was old wine bottles, old brown Clorox bleach bottles, green glass gallon jugs, rusty tin cans, old metal machine parts,  real glass car tail lights..............
On my last trip to the farm, I wandered around my little red house and took pictures of a few of my favorite junkin' treasures.
As a college student, I purchased this print about 35 years ago  ( in a junk store of course).  I guess it reminded me of carefree days spent outdoors instead of long days trapped in a classroom and then an 8 hour shift to pull at work after that.  I thought it looked a little like me also.  It sits on an old, antique, peeling veneer topped buffet I have in the bathroom at the little red house.

This glass pitcher and bowl was made by Avon.
  My mother had one sitting in the bathroom window- sill when I was young. 
 I always thought it was so beautiful.  I have collected many of them over the years.
A vintage green glass pitcher
 and salt and pepper shakers made in Italy

In the kitchen
A wire chicken filled with fake vegetables, an old, bright yellow baby scale that matches my yellow kitchen cupboards, and a large candle with wax sunflowers, are sitting atop my original oak "HOOSIER".
Rooster lamp was a score at a junk store in Nevada,  my talented husband made the hand thrown  chip and dip bowl
The one splurge on myself was this beautiful perfume vile.  I spied it at the  Shakespearean Festival gift shop, but I never buy anything new so I just admired it.  A year later I decided that if I was still thinking about the beautiful, sparkly, peacock I would check at the gift shop one night after the
 Cedar City Farmer's Market and if one was  available I would buy it.  I still fill guilty for buying
something new, and to make matters worse I don't even use perfume.  It gives me an awful
 I do wear a fragrance
when I am at the farm
 I call it  CORRAL #5

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