Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, February 11, 2013


Over the past few years the keeping of chickens in the back-yard has become common place.  Little mini coops are all the rage, some are even made into little hen mansions complete with wall paper, hanging chandeliers, art, and indoor plumbing.
My girls are not quite that fortunate.  They do live in a hen house HOTEL,
 with a walk out terrace, but it does not have pretty flowered paper on the wall, the hanging chandelier is nothing more than a metal bell with a heat lamp inside,  the only art on the wall is dust and the patterns change according to how hard the wind blows.  I wish the indoor plumbing was installed, but the hens don't seem to mind someone hauling water for them. All this aside, they are just regular old Barnyard Hens. What is the difference between a barnyard hen and a backyard hen you may ask yourself? 

They both lay eggs in all colors
They both contently scratch in the yard looking
for bugs, slugs, worms,
and other creepy crawlies
to devour
They both cluck contently as
they forage for worms
 and squawk to announce
the egg just laid in the straw lined box
They both come in all kinds,
varieties, sizes, and color,
and all have feathers,
in most cases the cities who allow chickens in the backyard do not allow
A rooster crowing to greet the new day is one of my favorite
farm sounds
his call of pending danger
or come along girls I've found a juicy bug
makes me smile
Years ago I was taught this little song in school (by a teacher). If I remember right it is
 an old Irish Folk Song 
 I don't remember the words exactly, but it goes something like this
I had some chickens
no eggs would they lay
until that rooster
came into our yard..
They're layin' eggs now
just like they used to
ever since that Rooster
came into our Yard
a rather suave and debonair fellow
is just one of several Roosters we have had on the farm.
I guess fancy wall paper,
and indoor plumbing
is not everything it's
up to be

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