Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Beautiful Little Farm for rent

Have you ever wanted to wake up early in the morning knowing the only place you had to go or do for the day was right in your own back yard.  You hum as you dress for the day in your cutoff overalls and floppy straw hat, or maybe you wear a skirt and an old comfy t-shirt with a bright retro apron tied over top.  Grabbing the milk pail, you head out the door just before sunrise and breath in the crisp, fresh morning air.  The next few hours are spent milking the dairy goats, picking greens for the hens, turning on the water to the garden and weeding or harvesting.  The afternoons are filled with making cheese or spinning the wool from the multi-colored Jacob sheep, drying or canning the bounty harvested from the garden.  A basket sits by your favorite chair filled with homesteading books and magazines, and a half finished pair of knitted socks waiting for you when you have a minute to sit and relax.  Each day is filled with the wonder of growing your own food, and having enough to sell at the local farmers markets.  Yes, it is a beautiful little farm and it is available for rent.

Rent for the 2 bedroom mobile home and 3 acre farm is $695.00 a month
this includes a large 24x48 greenhouse
a 12x 20 greenhouse
3 chicken coops and runs (enough room for about 150 hens)
you must provide all of your own equipment, shovels, tillers, hoses, sprinklers, etc.
only organic growing methods may be used
all our animals will stay on the farm , we provide the feed
references and deposit required
come walk the gardens and see if this is the place for you

No, I am not retiring even though I am re ally tired.
(not as young as I think I am)

I still have several acres of garden at the little red house
and will be putting in gardens up North this next year also

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  1. I saw this post and a song within my heart started to sing. I will be calling you and hopefully we will be of like minds. I am an artist too. A former pastry and executive chef that has thrown it all away because I wanted to use better ingredients than corporate could or would provide. My desire to create cultured goat milk butter and kefir and yogurt and chevre and brie and camembert is a stronger urge than one of making boat loads of cash. I currently live in Las Vegas and the hot winds have killed my tomatoes and my squash and almost my spirit. To ride my horse off into the sunset has crossed my mind but I am too practical for poor chickens would starve and so would my rescue collie and bengal kitty. So I stay here hoping that a door would open and I could walk through to wonderland...your post sounds like just that place!