Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, July 27, 2013


This spring, in early MAY,  I transplanted Rhubarb from the little red house down to the farm.
Generally it is recommended by.... (quite frankly I don't know whom)..... to wait until the second year
to harvest lightly and then the third year it is ready for a heavy harvest.

Well, I am too impatient to wait for three years so I harvested some for market today.
 No I did not wait for 2 or 3 more years, why?

Let me explain,
I lined the path to the greenhouse on both sides with the small pieces of root mass from the parent plants.  Added some  Gourmet Goat Garden Garnish ,  that we age and compost down for several years,  and then covered with hay the picky goats refused to eat.
Watered well and this is what happened.
Looks like an ordinary rhubarb leaf, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.......
I wanted to show you a picture of how large they had grown, but the picture didn't do it justice.
so I put my square, stubby fingered, farmer's hand in the photo to help
you get a perspective of the size of the plants, but that still didn't give you an accurate account
of the I used my favorite measuring tool that I always carry with me.....

My Shoe!
If you will recall from earlier posts it is often found sitting on squash or other vegetables
to help you see the growth and progress of the vegetables here at our little farm.
Yep, I will be picking Rhubarb for market and CSA shares
over the next few weeks, not in a couple of years from now!

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