Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Garden Shed

A quaint rock and timber shed sits kitty-corner of our house in Roosevelt. 
I have claimed it for a garden shed,
 a place to hide away from the sun,
yet still be outside where I can watch the garden grow.

We have been working hard to clear away all the old growth and weeds.  A garden has been planted out behind the shed and along the south side.

The back of the shed keeps the old tractor out of the weather.  It is used for digging us out of the snow in the winter time.

Fire-wood is loaded in through the back door.  

Rocks gathered off the property make a nice pathway and step to the shed.

Geraniums planted in old wooden boxes found in the ancient chicken coop add a splash of color.
  An old, rusty, plow horse shoe was unearthed as we tilled the garden.  It is hung upside the luck won't run out.... over an old window frame.

Beautifully laid stones cover the floor.  Violets make their home in the cracks between the rocks.

I am going to fix up the area under the roof.  I am thinking of a large crystal chandelier, an old vintage couch, a chair or two for company, and a potting bench of course.  

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