Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Variegated Sage

The Golden Variegated Sage plant is a beautiful addition to the garden.   Plant in full sun and within easy reach from the kitchen door.  It is a tender perennial, zone 5-10, and has a tendency to winter kill in my area.  I plant it among rocks that gather in the winter's warm sun to help it make it through my long, cold winter nights.  A cardboard box placed over the plant and filled with straw also helps it survive the winter.   It does not like wet feet so plant in loamy soil with good drainage.  This variety of sage is a smaller bush variety growing to about 12 inches tall.  The leaves can be harvested and used as regular garden sage, however I find the flavor less intense.

             Rub the freshly picked leaves over your gums to help fight bad breath and gum disease.

Battered Sage Leaves:
Make your favorite deep-fry batter.  Coat large, washed leaves and fry until golden brown.  These leaves make a great appetizer served with dipping sauce.

                          Recipe for Harvest Stew and Sage Biscuits:

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