Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


These quick and easy mittens are so much fun to make.  This is an original pattern I have come up with as I have made these over the years.  Please fill free to share it with others or pin it.

These mittens are made with a hand spun yarn (worsted weight) for the cuff
and Wool Ease for the mitten

Remember to Hand Wash if using a woolen yarn

Using size 8 double point needles,

Cast on 32 stitches.   

K2, P2  ribbing for 10 rows.  If you are making a rolled cuff knit 12 rows.

This pair of gloves has a rolled cuff

Change to main color.   Knit.   Increase  4 stitches (knit in front and back of stitch) evenly distributed across.   36 stitches.
Plural on plural rows and knit on knit rows.  Continue for 10 rows.  If you are making a rolled cuff, continue for 12-14 rows.

glove on the left is made longer from the cuff to the thumb to allow for the rolled cuff
*note if using a thick yarn for the cuff, cast on 28

THUMBS:  row 1---- knit 2, increase in next stitch  (knit in front and back of stitch) place marker.  Knit 28.  Place marker.  Knit front and back of stitch for increase, knit 2. 
You will have 4 stitches after each marker.
                   Row 2-----Plural across

Increase by knitting in the front and back of a stitch
Continue this pattern until there are 8 stitches after the thumb markers. Plural across.

Cast off for thumb:

Knit  Row,  cast off stitches until there is one stitch left before the marker.  Knit across.  Cast off on plural row , leaving the stitch before the marker.  Plural 1.  Knit 2.  Plural 2.  Knit 2 continue across creating a ribbing. (32 stitches).  Continue ribbing for 9 rows.

Row 10, cast off, knit in knit stitches.  Plural in plural stitches.
Sew seams and weave in ends.

Note:  these mittens fit a small to medium women's hand. For large hands use a thicker yarn (or 1 strand 4 ply and the other a single ply) and a size 10 needles.  Add more stitches in multiples of 4 for men's hands, 

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