Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If I can't GROW them, I PAINT them

During the long winter days when it's too cold to be out working in the gardens, I spend much of my time in the studio painting flowers.

ideas are sketched on large drawing paper

I sit on my old, soft and comfy, vintage foot stool to paint

getting the basic shapes and shadows blocked in before I begin painting the details

sometimes I paint people

once I even painted a "self portrait"

I like to paint cows

This large painting "THE LEAD COW" framed in old red barn wood is available for sale.
It can be purchased at "Gypsy Mama's" in Fort Duchesne.

this 11x14 painting is available for $65.00

8x10 on canvas board $45.00

My original art work and signed prints can be purchased at the store, or 
contact me.   

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