Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, February 9, 2015


                            STARTING SEEDS INDOORS

        CROP               WEEKS BEFORE
                                   SETTING OUT             
ONIONS, LEEKS                      10-12
CELERY                                     8-10
TOMATOES                              8-10 
EGGPLANTS                             6-8
PEPPERS                                   4-6
CABBAGE                                 4-6
CAULIFLOWER                        4-6
BROCCOLI                                4-6
HEAD LETTUCE                       3-4
MELONS, SQUASH &              3-4

Note add in the recommended days listed on the seed packet for seed germination.

Gather containers to plant your seeds in. Poke holes in the bottom of the container.   Fill with moist soil.  I recommend using 1/2 purchased organic potting soil and 1/2 of your garden dirt.   Plant 2-3 seeds per pot. Place plastic wrap over containers to help keep them moist.  Setting them in a tray and placing on your refrigerator generates heat from the bottom for better germination.  When seed have sprouted and grown an inch, cut off the weakest sprouts, leaving one per container (use this method for cole crops and vine crops.    Place seedlings in a sunny south window, turning daily to prevent legginess.

  When raising tomatoes or peppers, I plant a group of seeds into a container.
                                                                     an Heirloom Tomato, PURPLE CHEROKEE

placing containers (recycled yogurt cups) in a plastic container helps keep the seeds moist enough to sprout

                              When seedlings are about 3 inches tall they are carefully removed, separated, and transplanted into  larger separate containers and placed in the sun room to await planting.  They can also be kept in an outdoor cold frame.  Just remember to vent them during the day and cover at night.

Cumber and squash plants are planted in individual containers.  A good recyclable pot is made from newspaper, paper eggs cartons, or toilet paper rolls. They do not transplant well so plant them in a container large enough for growth until you plant them in the garden.

Be sure to harden off plants before setting them in the garden.  It takes about a week.  Put them outdoors in the shade for a few hours on a mild day, and leave them longer the next day.  On day 3 move them into the sunlight for half the day, shade for the other half.  Bring them in at night.  On day 5, leave them in the sun most of the day and overnight (if there is not a threat of frost).  By the next day, leave them in the sun all day and night.  Don’t forget to water several times a day!  It only takes a short time for the plants to burn and dry out.  Transplant in the garden. Keep a careful watch over them.  Cover with a shade cloth if needed for a few days.

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