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Cricket Song Farm

Monday, April 27, 2015

Transplanting RHUBARB

Here is a photo of one of my Rhubarb plants in Roosevelt.
I snapped it just as I was heading out the door to go (South) to the farm.  Knowing that my Rhubarb at the farm would be much further behind because it is much colder at the farm ,I threw in several big coolers to bring a large portion of my rhubarb plants back up to transplant in my garden.

Spent several very cold nights at the farm in my Vintage Airstream.  A little bit of water left in the bottom of the water bucket froze solid.  The night temperatures dipped to 10 degrees.  Good thing we had a big pile of blankets to keep us from freezing to death!

The Rhubarb at the farm was just breaking ground.  I dug out about 20 plants and carefully placed them in the coolers.  Leave as much dirt intact as possible so they won't dry out.  After transporting them back to Roosevelt, I cut each plant into 3 smaller plants using a sharp shovel.  

For successful transplanting dig a deep hole and fill with water.  Place the roots down and fill back with dirt about 3/4th of the way, just to the top of the crown.  Water in good.  The indentation will help collect the water for the roots. 

 Now add a shovel full of aged, composted manure, and add straw or old hay around the plant.  Rhubarb likes wet feet and the hay will keep the ground moist.  Generally you are advised to wait a couple of years to harvest, but I have always harvested the stems as they mature through the season, just don't harvest them all.  Leave at lease half on the plant. 

This photo is of a plant in the late summer that I had transplanted early in the spring.
You will not always have this kind of growth, but with my organic methods, home-made compost, and the "Gourmet Goat Garden Garnish" (from my beautiful herd of Nubians) that I liberally apply, this is my typical results.  I harvest the plant within 4 months of transplanting, remember.... DO NOT harvest all the stems.


make some Rhubarb Crisp
or a compote for ice cream....YUMM!!!

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