Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2001 GARDEN JOURNAL and a note to all followers

I came across an old Garden Journal the other day.  

It is a photo album, nothing fancy, just the kind with a sticky page covered with plastic.  You can use almost anything you have around the house as a journal.  I have even used the photo albums with the individual pockets  that hold photos.  I particularly like this kind as I can organize my seed packets, placing them in the pockets.  After the seeds are planted I split the seed envelope apart and put the front and back in separate pockets.  This allows me to see at a quick glance what I have planted and the important information provided on the back of every seed packet.
  When notes are kept, use a file card, cut to size of necessary, and slip it into a pocket also. And of course take pictures of your garden's progress and slip the photos into a page. You can always find these older albums at a thrift store.

A small section of the garden.

Types of crops planted, maps of crops grown, and planting dates are good information to record.

I love this!!!  He even drew my HAT!

Mom in the garden, a portrait by my 5 year old (who is now 6"1") and has flown the nest.

A Heirloom Choigga Beet

A page listing the things I hoped to get done that day.
And a mention that the day before the W-I-N-D did not blow with it's
usual gale force.  Now that is worth recording!

A drawing of Heirloom tomatoes from the green house.

Journals of your gardens over the years are a joy to read as you sit by the fire 
waiting for Spring!

click here to see

This is the front cover.  I used a bound art book filled with recycled brown paper.

I will start today, making plans, and keeping track of seeds I am starting indoors.
This year's journal is going to be spectacular!  That is if I can stop pulling weeds, watering, harvesting, transplanting trees, chasing gophers, shewing away hungry rabbits, hunting high and low for a shovel, all the other 1001 menial chores to get done, and sit down to make a few entries.

I have a large metal mail box at the farm I often keep the journal in.  This is handy in the spring when I am planting so I can quickly record the crops planted before I get back to the house and forget the dates and varieties.  

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