Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Grow your own Micro Greens

Micro Greens are very simple to grow.  The necessary equipment can be as simple as a plastic container with a lid.  I use the containers I purchase organic lettuce in during the winter months when I am unable to grow my own.

Punch several holes in the bottom of the container.  Fill with good organic potting soil.  Set container on a  baking sheet to catch the water as it drains out from the bottom.

Here's a great tip.  You can purchase seeds specifically packaged for micro greens, or you can do what I do and save yourself a lot of money.  I always have seeds left over from planting the garden, sometimes I don't used them all even after several years.  I gather all my old seeds (3 to 4 years old) and combine them into a single packet to use for my micro greens.  Because the seeds are older I do not want to plant them in the fields as the germination rate is lower.  It will not matter if the rate is lower if you are using them for greens because of the volume of seeds you will be planting.  Seed the container heavily and cover with a thin layer of soil.  I use a spray bottle to water the seeds in well.


Put the lid on the container and keep evenly moist until the seeds begin to sprout.  Place in a warm southern window and water often.  By using seeds that sprout at different times you can have a harvest for a couple of weeks.

Try using seeds of radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, beets, chard, lettuce, sunflowers, peas, legumes, broccoli, alfalfa, wheat, clover, amaranth, etc.  (check out your local health food store for sprouting seeds) these usually come in bigger containers and are very cost efficient.

Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim off the amount desired.  Turn the tray often for even growth.  Use the greens over salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps.

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