Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, April 26, 2012

BURR EARL, it's cold here

                                                          Lilacs in bloom in Roosevelt

Everyone always asks me how I handle the weather in Roosevelt.  I just smile and say it is a lot colder where I come from.  Their usual response is,  "You live in Southern Utah where it's warm.   We are a lot colder than you."    So I came up with a great idea.    I will take pictures at the house in Roosevelt the morning I leave (April 23rd) and in the afternoon when I get to Beryl I will take photos of the same kind of trees and bushes and then I will compare the two.

                                   Lilacs in Beryl, not even a beginning of a blossom in sight.
                                 They haven't ever bloomed in the 16 years we've had the farm.

Apple blossoms in Roosevelt

Can't grow any fruit trees in  (Burr Earl)  Beryl.  It freezes every month of the year.

Elm trees at the house in Roosevelt

                                                       Elm trees in the front yard at Beryl

So my conclusion is that I must be crazy to live in a place like this.  I should just sell the farm and move to Roosevelt, buy a house  and raise my gardens there where the growing season is longer...................
but the next morning what did I see as I
was walking down the lane to farm

                                                  The sun is about to come up over the BUTTE

                             The reflection of the sunrise in the western mountains of Hamblin Valley

The pink reflection in the gathering rain clouds to the south 

The sun is up, time to get busy.

I see this every morning and the sunsets every night are even better.  Guess I won't be a sellin the farm!

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