Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silence is Golden

So, I live in a house full of men, my wonderful husband and my amazing sons.  My doors are always opened for me.  The trash is hauled out.  The oil gets changed, and the heavy stuff always gets moved.  The lawns are mowed, the mouse traps emptied, and when my old 53 FORD leaves me stranded  my husband comes to the rescue.
There is only one thing lacking in my life..............   CONVERSATION   ....................

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a chatter-box.  I don't like to talk on the phone.  I cannot text, and most days I spend 12-16 hours alone.  Silence is something I am used to and enjoy........but when the guys are home our conversations go something like this.

"I'm going to town today, is there anything any of you need?"


"Isn't it a beautiful day out today?"


In order to have a conversation around the breakfast  table I began answering my own questions and then commenting on my observations.

"Yes Jill, it is a beautiful day today.  It will be a good day for a drive in your old truck."  I answered myself back.

"No, we don't need anything at town, but thank you for asking."  I replied.

A few weeks ago we traveled to Idaho to my son's college graduation.  We left at 4:00 in the morning.  Glen had worked until mid-night the night before and the boys had gotten home late so I was the designated driver.  I am always up at that time anyway, the only problem is I do not see well in the dark.  There was a full moon however, so it was not as difficult to see.  I knew that because of the moonlight, the deer and elk would be out feeding so I kept my eyes peeled.  Yep, I  saw the big ole elk soon enough, as he ran across the road in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and threw everyone forward, waking them up.  No, I did not hit the elk but I bet I scared him awful bad.  I drove on to Heber City and then Glen  traded with me.  We took I- 80 and hit one of the worst snow storms ever.  We saw 3 horrible wrecks, needless to say not much conversing was going on.  After a few hours Glen began getting tired again so I took over the driving.  As we were nearing the Idaho border I began to get a little sleepy so I tried to begin a conversation to help keep myself awake.  The boys were half-asleep in the back seat and Glen wasn't to spry either.

 "Look at all those black rocks all over the ground.  I bet it is hard to raise a garden here."


So in response I said to myself.  "  There are a-lot of rocks.  I would imagine the only garden they can grow here is a rock garden."  I even laughed out-loud at my witty observation.


And so my conversation continued on, ( I was trying to stay awake remember) but soon I was interrupted by my son in the back seat, he was only trying to join in, but I jokingly said.  "Don't interrupt me when I am having a conversation with myself." 

Then we had a real nice conversation about Glen's side of the family.  His mother is from Ucon, Idaho which was right along our way.  He had made many trips to Idaho as a youth to see his Grandparents and all his relatives there.  His mother is one of 11 children.  We took the exit off the highway and drove by his grandparents old house.  I think one of the relatives still own it.  We did not however have time to stop to visit.

The next day traveling back we stopped at Idaho Falls and took a walk along the river.

This bench was along side the river.  It is dedicated to a father and mother of six sons.  (I bet she carried on a conversation with herself often).   They must of spent many hours together quietly fishing the snake river.   Listening to the water running over the rocks and to the hum of the fishing line as it swished back and forth.  The almost silent plunk as the fly hit the surface. An afternoon of silence shared with those closest to you.   So my thought is this.......... It is not the silence that is golden, it is the ones you spend the silence with, that is golden...........

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  1. It's been proven that talking to yourself gives you brain power. I've often wondered how you became so smart about gardening. It's a whole lot cheaper than collage, that's for sure!!