Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, July 8, 2012

CORNER OFFICE with a view

In the south-facing Sun room connected to my little red house, resides my corner office.  It is my place of warmth during the long winter months while I am impatiently waiting for spring.  It is my sanctuary, a place to sit and dream, make goals for the upcoming CSA season, a place to draw and paint.

An old metal army filing cabinet hides my tools, my  desk drawers hold drawings of the gardens  and rotation schedules for the coming year.  I have a soft pillow to sit on. and my drawing pencils, close at hand, are stashed in copper goblets.  White billowy curtains filter the bright sunlight.  A vintage chandelier lights my desk when I come in from the gardens long after dark.

Behind me are my HARVEST MAIDENS

A wooden, hand-carved, 3 layer vegetable tray holds my trinkets, and the hand drawn and colored business cards I am always working on.  I can gaze out my picture windows and see my farm at the end of the long lane.......a destination........  Doves are raising little ones right over my head in the shelter of the eves.

This little corner of my world reminds me to stop long enough to SEE  the beauty around me.

I guess it's not really an office at all. 

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