Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Do you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong, the car breaks down half-way on your way to your son's wedding and you still have a 2 hour drive, ( and the wedding starts in a little over 3 hours), you drive all the way from Roosevelt to Bunkerville Nevada (about 500 miles one way) to see your sister who is going to show you how to do your blog....and the Internet goes out just minutes before you get there, not just at her house, but the WHOLE town so we couldn't even go to the library.  It was worth the drive however just to see Vicky and her cute little family and all the amazing things she is working on.  Your house gets struck by lightening and fries the pump for the water well, not just once but 3 times we have been hit.  You wake up and overnight the chipmunks and rabbits have wiped out an entire acre of squash,  the 4th of July frost takes down all the tomatoes.   Not complaining, but it is rather humorous around here that things just are always a bit askew.......and if it can go wrong it usually does.......and we just have to laugh about it.  Well, yesterday we had a perfect day.....come to think of it every day in my life is perfect.........., just once in a great while there is a day when absolutely nothing goes wrong.  Yesterday was that day.

We started off 6:00 a.m. with our typical summer morning weather........45 degrees.........and our typical summer morning attire:

winter coats and stocking hats

I didn't have to lug around the bales of hay
my little feller did it for me 

my sweety milked for me

in about 3 hours time
we got 4 rows of this 30x100' patch weeded and All of the 30'x100' bean patch weeded

walked down the lane around 10:00 for breakfast.....ate local cantaloupe to tide us over until the roasted veges were done 

 beautiful peppers I got at market from Janae

mixed with new potatoes, baby beets, onions and carrots
drizzle on enough olive oil to coat well and just a little more cause it tastes sooooo good,  add freshly ground sea salt, and seasonings of choice.    I like Italian.  You might try spicy Cajun, or even use a salad dressing or vinaigrette
Place on a large baking sheet.
Roast in a hot oven--400%--- until the skins are crisp.  Stir often.

Got pounded on by nickle sized hail while the potatoes were cooking.  I was afraid it would beat down all the crops, especially the beans we had just weeded, BUT it didn't last long enough to do much damage.....WHEW!

Here's the best part......... Glen was able to get he and I tickets to see to the matinee production of Les Miserables in Cedar City at the Shakespearean Theater.  I am at a loss of words to even describe the poignant beauty of the production.  Sell your car if you have to and go!

The boys worked hard and got  a couple more walls painted while we were gone.

the vehicle reached a milestone on our way to Cedar

hopefully.......... it will go another


And to end an already perfect day.  It rained and rained while we were gone!  This is what we came home to

our neighbors road looked like this......hope he can get to work

The evening was spent working in my yard at the house because I didn't have to be at the farm watering. 

I am still smiling.  HOPE you have a perfect day in the near future.

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