Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, July 15, 2012

RAIN DROPS are fallin' on my head

buckets hoping to catch a little rain

This past week the rains finally came. It sputtered off and on for several days and Friday night we got a nice little sprinkling.  Saturday morning early (5:00) just  as we began harvesting it began to pour.  Were we upset?  HECK NO.  We put on jackets and went to work.  We laughed, we sang, we twirled a time or two and we got drenched!  It was amazing.  There is just something magical about rain in the desert.  The whole world comes alive before your eyes.  You can hear the plants rejoicing, stretching out their leaves to catch every drop.  The ground shaking off its dusty, drab, layer and cloaking itself in a fresh new gown.  The sage brush fragrance is so pungent you stop and take a huge breath, filling your lungs with it's aroma.  I would have liked to stay and play in the mud-puddles, but we had to load up and get to market.  We quickly changed into dry clothes and made the drive to St. George.  It rained the entire way down! Once again we got soaked as we unloaded the vehicle, but did I care?          HECK NO!

Thanks to all those who braved the storm and came out to support the market.  We as farmers appreciate your support.

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