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Cricket Song Farm

Friday, September 21, 2012

It could only happen to ME

So, as some of you all ready know that if something bad can happen, or if something can go wrong it does, and that if you drive by someone stranded along side the road it is probably me.  My life is a tragic comedy.  Really, I am not complaining, because it makes for good stories to tell and always gives us something to laugh about.

Well do I have a story to tell about trying to get to Roosevelt  on Thursday to help move. (we are moving because we got a 5 day notice that we needed to vacate the property because our landlord is going through bankruptcy and the rental is being foreclosed).  Yes, we did find a place to live.

For those of you who are new to my blog.  I have a small, beautiful, sustainable, farm in South-West Utah and when my husband got a job in North Eastern Utah as a Principal I relunctantly went along with the move, but he agreed not to sell the farm.   I commute back and forth ( about 500 miles one-way) spring through fall.  When school is out the kids come down full time and Glen comes for a few weeks when he can.  I continue to run a small CSA and participate in several farmer's markets.


 I scheduled a bus ticket  to get to Roosevelt because my transmission is going out on my vehicle and I definitely didn't want to be stranded along the freeway.  I had been hauling squash the past couple of days and was finishing up everything that needed to be done at the farm before I left.  I mowed the back lawn behind the trailer and proceeded to turn the waters on.  I run 5 sprinkler heads to carry the load from the well so it doesn't click off and on, it just runs.  Got all the waters going, hauled some more squash, and walked the 1/2 mile up to the house to get ready to go.

Quickly finishing packing and putting out feed for Eppie dog I began getting ready to go and the water quit.  We are on a different well at the house.  I went and checked the breakers, flipped the switch and nothing.  No water.  O.K.  I will be gone for a few days and it can be fixed when I get back.  As I came around the house I looked to the farm and couldn't see the water running there either so I walked down and sure enough the water wasn't working.  So I have 2 well pumps and neither one of them is working.  The power works in both houses, just not the water pumps.  Now what  do I do?  I have a bus to catch in an hour and a half.  Including my hour drive to town-----if my vehicle makes it--------.    I  can't leave if there isn't water and expect my good neighbors-----the awesome 4 country gals----who are doing chores for me, to haul water to the animals until we get it fixed.  It will take several days to pull the pump------guess I better just stay home cause I'm going to miss my bus before we get this figured out.

I assumed that for some reason it was something wrong with the power and I wasn't getting enough to run the wells.  I really didn't have a clue because it just didn't make sense.  It did not even enter my mind that 2 seperate well pumps about 1/2 mile apart would go out at exactly the same time.  (I should have known that if there was 1 in a kazillion chances it could happen, that it would happen to me).

In the meantime Glen had called the power company and they were sending out RUSS to the RESCUE.  He is the son of my cousin and came lick-ity split.  He diagnosed the pump at the house and got it running and then trouble shot the pump at the farm and found out what was wrong.  I called another cousin who has a pump and well drilling business and he would come right out  with the part and get it going.  Whew, no pumps to replace, there is ALWAYS a silver lining in my comical life.  And I have 4 minutes to spare, I think I can make my bus.

Called my daughter who I am picking up to drop me off at the bus, and will be  keeping my vehicle at her house in town while I am gone.   I  explained why I was running a little behind and she just started to LAUGH and said ,"Of course mom, that is your luck that not just one pump, but both would go out at the exact SAME time."

One of my favorite books when I was a kid was "Fortunately" by Remy Charlip.  Look it up on amazon books and see a preview of it.   Little did I know that it would be a metaphor for my life.  I am always so fortunate.  I am the luckiest person I know!!!!!!

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