Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, September 27, 2012

my thoughts about moving

I can sum up the process of moving in just one word.  I consider myself an expert on the subject, after all we have moved 28 times.........


This will be our last move --------not counting the move back to Nevada to finish out my husband's years to get retirement,  or our move to Colorado, Arizona, or New Mexico after that----cause I have always wanted to live there------ and then our final move back to the farm-------or maybe sell the farm and just live place to place in the airstream-------2 old gypsy, hippies-----painting, spinning, weaving, wood carving, flea marketing, selling antiques along the roadside--------o.k. time to quit daydreaming-----back to work, I've got to figure out which box my hair brush is in, I look hideous.

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