Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I ate 10 tomatoes---REALLY

I just can't help myself.  When the produce is producing I am harvesting.  Not in a jar or in the freezer........nope everything goes directly in my mouth.  I am happiest eating warm tomatoes right off the vine, crunching on dragon tongue beans,  filling my pockets full of carrots to munch on during the day.   Let's have corn for breakfast, corn for lunch and you guessed it corn for dinner.  And when the Armenian cucumbers are on........ it's, how did you know, cukes for breakfast, cukes for lunch, and cukes for supper.  Not just slices mind you, but the whole dang thing.  I haven't been to the grocery store in ages.  I don't even own a cosco card.  Nope, just good food grown right here on the farm.  Milk from my beautiful goats, quick set home-made cheese, and yogurt,  eggs from my spoiled chickens, and veges from the garden.  This has got to be paradise.

Been making oven dried tomatoes the last few days.  I always like to eat them with home-made asiago cheese bread grilled on a hot skillet with olive oil so the cheese is melty.  Made me a couple of loaves the other day and without the boys here I have eaten more than my usual lucky to get even one slice.    Put me a couple of the oven dried tomatoes on my plate just warm from the oven and before you know it half the pan had disappeared
Make your own oven dried tomatoes to use in pasta, on crusty country bread, blended up for a spaghetti sauce that is unbelievable ,or just eat them right out of the oven.

Find a recipe here for making "sun-dried tomatoes"  in your kitchen oven.

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