Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Moon

While harvesting vegetables for market in the wee early hours (4:00 a,m,) during late August, I was accompanied by the beautiful BLUE MOON.  It's brilliant light shone down over the gardens casting an ethereal glow.  I hope I didn't step on the garden faeries as they hid out of sight under the protective squash leaves.  The night air is crisp and the smell of dew upon the vines waifs around my feet.  There's magic in the garden when the BLUE MOON is shinning.  August had 2 full moons.  A blue moon in today's language means the 2nd full moon in the same month.  This happens about every three years.

As I harvested early yesterday I was accompanied by the new moon and I couldn't see a thing.  Pitch black, at least I didn't worry about stepping on the faeries.  I"m sure they had sense enough not to be out wandering in the dark...........unlike myself...................

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