Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Farm DOG

after rolling in the morning dew
our wonderful farm dog EPPIE

Had many a farm dog over the years.  Nothing better than a loyal helper to keep away the coyotes, chase the rabbits out of the garden, and keep ya company as you tend to the every day chores.  Our current dog has been in the family about 14 or 15 years we think.  We can't quite remember how old our youngest was when we got this beautiful abandoned puppy, but we know he was really little and is now almost 17.  It's a long story how we happened to find EPPIE, but the gist of it is we discovered a mama dog and her 9 puppies left to fend on their own when their owners moved and just left the dogs.  We fed them and found a home for all the dogs, keeping one beautiful dark Golden Retriever for ourselves.   We named her EPPIE  ------.  She also has a middle initial.  If you can guess the middle initial I'll send along this painting.

apples in a basket
Here are the rules:
1.  You must be a "follower"
joining now is acceptable 
( available to U. S. delivery only)
2.  You only have one guess
(leave your answer in the comment section)
3.  Promise you won't throw darts at it
4.  If you have already won a painting please give others a change to win.
NOTE:  ALL paintings are original (by me) 8x10 oil on canvas board.  I ship them when completely dry.  No frames are included.
I will have a box of paintings at the St. George farmers market  this summer if you would like to stop by my booth and purchase one along with your farm fresh veges.


  1. Ummm.... I'm guessing the letter.....J
    That's my guess, although I did consider O and A.
    Ha! If it's not J it so should be! LOL

    1. Hey wild woman who stops for Junk,

      The other day I found a Jiant belt buckle with the letter J on it at the Junk store, I almost bought it, but somewhere along the Journey I lost my Jillish figure. Don't want to be wearing a belt these days! Nope, it's not the letter J.

    2. Yes!!!! How did you know that? I figured it would take about 26 guesses for someone to figure it out. Have you read the childrens book we got her name from?

    3. Yay! I am so excited! I didn't even know what you dogs name was until I read this post. I just tried to think what sounded good after Eppie. I was thinking maybe her middle name might be May because that is a popular middle name.