Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, May 10, 2013

Battery Exhausted

Been working like a hill of ants here at the farm.  We are in the thick of kidding season with a bunch of new babies running around.  Been up all night for the past couple of weeks crawling in and out of the goat shed checking on the deliveries, making sure the babies are eating well, milking out the mom's that give more milk than the babies need.  The weeds are just about all burnt and the ground is getting tilled.  Cold frames are being moved and planted.  The peas are in, as are broccoli and cabbage.  The task of what goes where leaves me standing in the garden  muttering to myself.........".what did we plant here last year?  I can't plant squash in the same place we had cucumbers.........what did I do with the flat nose shovel? " On, and on I mutter, because I forgot to bring the plans from last year's gardens down to the farm and I am too busy to walk back the miles and miles (seems like  miles sometimes)  back to the little red house to get them.  My hands are aching from digging potato rows, not to mention I can't stand up straight, from all that shoveling and crawling in and out of the goat sheds.  I walk in a half -bent over awkward gate cause I'm an old lady out here trying to do a young whippersnapper's job.  I would be taking lots and lots of pictures, before and afters, of all the projects I've completed, and of cute new baby goats, but alas, I got me a new-fangled pocket digital camera that has a rechargeable battery and I left the battery-recharger cord for  it up north.  I turned the camera on and this is what it said BATTERY EXHAUSTED and then the screen went black.  Well, tar-nation how can I document my progress.  All this work, work, work, and it doesn't look like I've accomplished a dern thing!

                                     Well, I have just one thing to say about all this nonsense

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  1. Hi, Jill!!!! Never a dull moment, eh??? LOL

    My W word for gardening, nature, etc. is:


    Hugs, Darcy Simmons