Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crusin' in my 53 Ford flatbed pick-up

First thing I did when I got up north (zipped up for a couple of days) was back my ole 53 FORD truck out of the garage and crused to the local thrift store.

I had left the farm early, about 4:00 a.m....... I am always up by that time so I might as well be driving. After about one and a half hours drive up the road I saw some tail lights ahead on the freeway that looked like my old Ford truck's tail lights.  Sure enough, as I slowly caught up to the vehicle I could tell it was an old 53 Ford pick-up.  I was amazed that he could travel freeway speed (75 mph) in that ole truck.  "I've got to stop and ask what kind of engine they put in it" I told myself.  If I go faster than 50 mph in my truck I am afraid it will rattle to pieces, leaving bits and pieces all over the road for miles.  It has the original motor in it, an old flat head V-8.
 The Beaver exit was just a few miles ahead, and if they take the exit I will follow them in and ask.  Well, they just cruised on by the exit (next exit was an hour up the road) so I followed along a while and then with places to go and a long trip yet, I passed and continued on my way.  An OLD FARMER was a drivin' that pick-up truck.  It was just getting light enough to see him through the window. He was a drivin' down the freeway in his OLD 53 green Ford Pick-up, wearing his bib-overalls and hat,  probably reminiscing of the days when he was a much younger fellow, a drivin' his NEW 53 Ford truck down the two lane road that has now been replaced by the freeway.  I wish I could  have stopped to hear his stories.

an old vintage belt buckle I use as a key ring

I'm back to the farm and today is CSA delivery day to St. George.  The fall gardens and greenhouses are producing nicely.  
Today I will have:

Butternut Squash
6-8 Acorn Squash
2 Honey Dew Melon
2 Cassaba Melon
2 Crenshaw Melon
 5 lbs.Yukon Potatoes
3 lbs.Tomatoes
Pomegranates from my sister Shelly's orchard

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