Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A real CLASSIC worth reading


I love to read the classics,
anything written by Thoreau, Cather, Steinbeck, Dickens,
 Poetry by Browning, Wadsworth,  Keats, Longfellow......

What country kitchen doesn't have a copy of  this old book?
Mine didn't until just the other day.

This CLASSIC cookbook was published in 1953.

I have been reading it the past couple of weeks.

When I was young, this was the cookbook that my mother used.   It was placed in a drawer at the edge of the  ORANGE counter.  The drawer would be pulled open, the book opened and propped up on an angle between the back of the drawer front and the bright orange counter top.  As recipes from other sources were acquired they would be tucked into the pages of the book.

As the holiday season approaches, I will prop my newly acquired,old, cook book open, and placing it in a pulled out drawer with the spine lying against my vintage (not orange, but swirly designed) counter top, I will bake and cook  up some of my favorite childhood memories.
Sharing the taste and smells of traditions (old fashioned fudge and popcorn while we watched a Disney movie on the old black and white t.v.........divinity, peanut brittle, toffee, and gingerbread cookies, etc.) with my family and friends.

Then as fate intervened, I found this cookbook just the other day.
  Now I have all the best of the best since the first book was published back in 1930.


Life is like that sometimes.  Good things come in threes.  Well it did, but I passed up the first edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook this summer, wasn't really paying  enough attention as I was skimming through the books at the thrift store.  After getting home (a 45 minute drive) I thought about it and realized I should have snatched that book up, but hopefully I left it there for someone who had been hunting for it for a long, long time.  That it will bring back fond memories  for them of time spent in the kitchen learning to cook from it's pages.

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