Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who needs sleep?

I can't sleep.  It's genetic I think.  You know, there is a gene, and if you have it you don't require much sleep.  Really I am not making this up.  I think I inhereted it from my grandmother.  A fiery petite red-head that always went a hundred miles an hour.
Yes, I'm sure I've got it, that gene that says 2-4 hours of sleep a night is enough.
Have I been tested for, but common sence tells me that it's there running around inside my head, and it's shouting " time to get up".
This gene and I get along fine when I am at the farm
there is always plenty to do in the middle of the night:

make hand-made business cards
spin wool
knit socks
sew aprons
make my Gypsy Bags 
and refurbished old second hand clothes
 into quirky,unique, one of a kind clothing
oil paint
deliver baby goats
go for moon lit walks
 (hope I don't get attacked by a pack of coyotes)
catch my garden journal up to date
pour over seed catalogs
hunt mice
bake bread
and the list goes on and on.........

but when I am in my home (rental) away from home
I have to be quiet in the middle of the night
so I don't wake the household
I just about go BERSERK  !
 tried to make my (everything second-hand, thrift store courtier)
 room in my home away from home, 
as cozy and calming as possible
hoping to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by using subdued colors....

calming, garden inspired furnishings

a vintage cherub lamp with a custom home- made lamp shade
I make and sell these shades at a local shop
 if you want, I will make you one
in the middle of the night of course

old, heavy, gold curtains and tassels
to block out the light from the yard light placed right by the window
I tea stained the vintage lace curtains.  The material took the stain beautifully
leaving the floral pattern bright white while the fine weave turned a light golden brown

the top half of a broken cherub and an old wall hanging from the 70's
makes a unique curtain tye-back

couldn't resist these large chicken feather pillows I scored at the thrift store for only 4 bucks
 cream colored lacy pillow cases and an antique iron bed

 I painted a garden inspired rose painting using muted colors
 and framed it in an antique gilded frame

funky lights from the 50's

antique pot-metal horses (I collect for my handsome man COWBOY)
sit a top his old antique dresser
an old ornate mirror reflects vintage art work on the wall
that is placed above my antique clawed, green velvet love seat
( I know you are all jealous of the paneled walls)

an old velvet bedspread
with a beautiful, rich, tasseled duvet folded at the foot of the bed

This is my room in my home away from home

(I hope)

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  1. So, all these things I've recently acquired from my cousin and my parents home aren't so much "junk" after all. I just may need your help in creating my own peaceful niche, where I can reside when I don't feel like I belong. I love you more than you know. Thanks for sharing.