Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shoulda, but didn't......

Well, been down south again.  On November 2nd, I  received a call that there was an opening in a Julie Rogers portrait painting class.  I was the first person on the waiting list, and sure enough I wanted to zip down to St. George to take the class (I'll post pictures later).   So I quickly packed my bag and hopped in Wilma and away we went.  The weather was beautiful as I left, but as I got closer to Southern Utah (where it is warmer than here....NOT)  I hit snow.

I spent a  couple of days in Sunny St. George, where is really is warm, and then drove up to the farm.  The snow had melted over the past couple of days while I was in class, and could only be found here and there.

                The days were beautiful, crisp, the sun shining, and the wind decided not to blow.

I  stayed in 
 my little vintage camp trailer
 for a few days

Here is a list of things and projects I SHOULD have gotten done

  • water all the trees
  • roll up all the hoses
  • sort through all the stuff we cleaned out of the barn
  • get the gardens tilled
  • pull out all the dead, frozen tomatoe vines from the big greenhouse
  •  plant and mulch garlic in the greenhouse
  • plastic up the windows on the little red house
  • haul a load to the storage unit
  • get the last of my books out of the little red house------sorry it's taking so long, Rach
  • winterize all the taps and pump houses
  • finish the wall on the outdoor bath and hang the old door
  • spread the old hay over the tilled gardens
  • till the composted goat manure into the gardens that are not composted with the old hay
and the list goes on and on.......
I did accomplish a few things, but this is what I spent most of my time doing

 You see, I kept tracking mud and leaves into "Gypsy Rose" 
so I decided that something needed to be done

 So I drove up to the little red house, gathered up a load of hoses to drain
 and put away in the shed for the winter
a big pile of flat rocks......
( well at least I can check one item off my list)

spent a couple of days working on a pathway and  a redwood platform
leading to my little home......instead of all the things I should of been doing.
I will plant low growing herbs in the spaces between the rocks this spring
of course admired a beautiful sunset every night.

Nope, I didn't accomplish anything I shoulda...........
Really, I woulda
I just didn't
I need an excuse to run away again to the farm!

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