Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Front Porch

My front porch,
a gathering place......
a brass and crystal chandelier dangling from the eves,
  catching the suns rays
casting rainbow prisms on the wall
 an old hand crafted bench seat  placed along the edge
 filled with potted geraniums
bees and butterflies softly landing on their delicate petals
an antique overstuffed love seat
to sit in and read the works of Emily Dickinson, Tennyson,
or Culpepper's Complete Herbal.
An outdoor room
 to set up my easel and paint the flowers
and herbs blooming along the rock pathway
 wind chimes made from oddities, bits and pieces of broken glass,
old hand forged nails, shards of broken plates, and other treasures found
in the yard of our 100 year old solid rock home
 are hanging from the posts
their sound of days long gone drift on the breeze.
Long talks, or comfortable silence
fill the twilight hours
as we watch the night quietly creep in
 the dark shadows
hide the toads
as they search for bugs
and make their way to the small pond I have built for them
I sit still on my porch and enjoy the
cycle of a summer's day.

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