Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter at the Farm

Winter at the farm means rest and rejuvenation.  Not only for the earth, but for myself.  It is a chance to rest my weary old bones, sit by the fire and spin, knit, draw garden plans, and read a good book or two.

my son made the birdhouse and my son-in-law made my  Farm name sign
thanks guys

One of my favorite books to read and re-read is by Ruth Stout

hardback copy
16th edition
printed in 1976

This lady is hilarious,  I look for this book every time I go to the thrift store.  I have found and given away several copies to the friends I have made while on my gardening journey in this great land of American.  If you can be the first to guess correctly how many states I have lived in my entire life
 (thus far, I'm sure there will be more)
 I will send you a copy of the book.
Please leave me a comment of........
1.  a  bit of garden wisdom
2.   your guess.

  Available to US delivery only!


  1. Thank you for visiting my humble little blog. I've been looking around yours and I especially like your photographs. I can't take a good picture to save my life but maybe practice will make perfect. I look through the garden books in every thrift or resale store I visit and I don't think I've ever found the Ruth Stout book. You must be lucky!

    Garden wisdom? I learned to water the hole when planting transplants. Dig hole, add compost, water hole, insert plant, backfill some, water again, finish backfilling, water again, and don't pat the soil.

    OK, I gather you've moved around a lot so I'm guessing you've lived in twelve states.

    1. You have a great blog. Very informative. I especially found the posts about bees interesting. Hopefully, this summer I will be acquiring several hives. I don't know about a thing about bees other than..... don't sit on one. It should be an adventure!
      Yes, I have moved many times, but I haven't lived in 12 states (yet). Sorry, but keep guessing.