Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, February 17, 2014

Make a Farmers Market bag from recycled plastic bags

cut the bottom off plastic bags
I stack them 6 deep before cutting

cut strips about 1 inch wide

join strips together to form a plastic yarn
 and roll into a ball
add strips as needed

using size J (or larger) crochet hook 
chain 30 
turn, double crochet, chain one, in every other chain stitch
when making this first row catch 2 strands of the chain for better reinforcement
of the bottom of the bag
double crochet 4 in end 
continue around with a double crochet, chain one, in open spaces
NOTE:  do not join rows

double crochet, chain one, 4 times in each end
continue across
place the 4 double crochet in the middle of the turn (between the 2nd and 3rd stitch)
continue around until the desired with of the bottom of the bag is achieved.

To make the sides:  double crochet, chain one, around do not increase at the ends
(I found that leaving out the chain one on each end (side) kept the sides of the bag straight)

for the handle, double crochet about 10 spaces, make a chain stitch for the handle as long as desired
 skip over center spaces and attach so that both sides are equal, double crochet around.
Now change to a single crochet and complete several rows
fill in enough stitches to cover the handle
(I caught the stitches down a row for better support at the base of each handle)

I made this bag with double crochet so the beauty of the vegetables could be seen,
 however the bag is a little stretchy and would be sturdier if you used single crochet throughout.

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