Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Hand Spinners Retreat

A few weeks ago I attended our spinning guild's 3 day annual winter retreat.
As usual it was a hoot!
Took my old 53 Flatbed Ford and piled in a few of the gals.
We went crusin to the grocery store,
(not having a mall or chain department store that is the best we could do)
had to pick up some supplies for breakfast anyway.

Darcy was given the assignment of holding onto the bungee cord that I have wrapped
 around my door handle
to pull on to keep my door shut.......a job that she took very seriously I might add.......
that is until we took a left hand  turn and her door flew open
 and about deposited her in a heap in the middle of the road!
Mindy sitting crammed in the middle didn't have a worry other than holding her purse,
 the items from the store stacked high in her lap,
 and me not cracking her knee caps when I tried to shift gears.

This is the WIMSEY JAR I got from Darcy
filled with tiny treasures,
she gave me this beautiful tea pot 
Thanks Darcy for the thoughtful gift
she must have read an earlier post

spun several hanks of yarn
novelty yarn (middle) is spun one thin, single ply and one thick ply
then spun together 

on the left is a single ply spun from a multi-colored roving,
 the center is the single ply spun into a two ply by drafting one
 strand from the center and one strand from the outside of the ball,
 on the right is one ply of the multi-colored roving and one ply of a mustard color, 
spun together to make a two ply  variegated yarn

I also worked on a sweater (background)
made from several different crocheted flower mofits

another example of plying from both ends of a single plied yarn
(single foreground) 
2 ply skein in back
had so much fun I went home and spun non-stop for another week
been paying for it now, my hands have been asleep since.
Here's a look at

I had a great time, Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a success!

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